Committee Chairs:  Paul Hesco & Peggy Madrid

Description:  The Archivist is responsible for the storage and maintenance of ASPIRE documents.

  • Documents to be maintained in the archives include, but are not limited to, Treasurer’s documents, minutes, committee reports, conference materials, membership rolls, and State Reports.
  • Annually, at or immediately following the Annual Conference, the Archivist will collect, catalog, and file all appropriate documents from former ASPIRE officers and committee chairs.
  • ASPIRE will reimburse the Archivist for collapsible file drawers, file folders, and other supplies as needed to maintain the archives.


Committee Chair:  Jami Bayles

Description: [Made up of representatives from all six states, each appointed by the State President by the January Board meeting.]

  • Colorado Representative –
  • Montana Representative –
  • North Dakota Representative –
  • South Dakota Representative – Jeff Vostad, South Dakota University
  • Utah Representative – Mace Jacobson, Dixie State University
  • Wyoming Representative –


  • Responsible for all ASPIRE awards not otherwise assigned;
  • Awards are described in Operating Guidelines, Section 8 (ASPIRE Awards);
  • Establishes nomination procedures (where appropriate);
  • Selects recipients of awards;
  • Selects and purchases plaques, certificates, or other appropriate awards.

By-Laws/Operating Guidelines

Committee Chair: President Elect (Darlene Samson) & Lucia Delgado


  • Completes revisions to the ASPIRE Bylaws and Operating Guidelines;
  • Reviews Bylaws for necessary changes; proposes amendments for consideration by Board and membership;
  • Reviews Operating Guidelines for internal consistency, compliance with Bylaws, and other beneficial changes; proposes amendments for consideration by the Board;
  • Maintains and updates annually an inventory list of ASPIRE equipment valued at $500 or more. The inventory list should be attached to the Operating Guidelines in the Appendix;
  • Reviews minutes of Board meetings to determine if policy or procedural decisions of the Board should be included in the Operating Guidelines;
  • Incorporates approved amendments into printed version of Operating Guidelines prior to next regularly scheduled Board meeting;
  • Posts updated Bylaws on the website annually; sends updated Operating Guidelines to Board Members by November 15.


Committee Chair:  OPEN

  • Jamie Manzanares
  • Dan Benge – Montana State University-Billings


  • Responsible for ASPIRE and COE Fair Share and fund raising activities;
  • Coordinates with COE for Regional Association Fair Share (Publications Package, Institutional Membership, President’s Council, etc.)
  • Determines recipients of development awards (Operating Guidelines, Section 8.10, ASPIRE Awards, Development Awards);
  • Reconciles with the Treasurer regarding income from donations.

Conference Advisory

Committee Members: Previous Annual Conference Chairs

Jamie Bayles & Becky Jensen

Approved at the May 2015 Board meeting, this committee membership will include former ASPIRE Conference Chairs to provide assistance to future Conference Chairs. The knowledge and experience from each conference will be shared.

Corporate Development

Committee Chair: Paul Hesco, Rebecca Tierney

Description:  The Corporate Development Committee is responsible for advancing the mission of ASPIRE through fundraising and professional development opportunities and partnerships with corporations, foundations, and businesses.  It also enhances Annual Conference revenue by making partnerships with and soliciting sponsorships from corporations, foundations and businesses for the banquet, awards, and conference materials; annually updates development incentive packages, as part of the corporate development strategy, and present to the board for approval at the winter board meeting, and the chair serves as member of annual conference Corporate Development subcommittee.

Nominations and Elections

Committee Chair:  Rebecca Tierney, Cara Davis


  • Elections are described in the Operating Guidelines, Section 4 (Elections);
  • The Election Committee consists of no less than three persons appointed by the President;
  • Educates ASPIRE members regarding duties, responsibilities, benefits, and importance of ASPIRE offices; encourages and secures nominations for the offices of ASPIRE; and supervises elections during the Annual Conference;
  • Sends letters to all members requesting nominations for all available offices. The letter will include a description and major responsibilities of each office;
  • Contacts each nominee to ascertain willingness to serve;
  • Thirty (30) days in advance of the Annual Conference, mails a listing of nominees to all members. For each nominee, this listing will include at least the following: name, position sought, address, and phone number;
  • Conducts nominations from the floor at the Business Meeting and candidates forum during Annual Conference;
  • Prepares the final ballot, supervises elections, counts ballots, and announces election results during the Annual Conference.

Emerging Leadership Institute (ELI)

Committee Chair: Marilyn Thayer

Description:     The ELI – formerly known as Leadership Development Institute (LDI) – Committee provides professional development for individuals interested in preparing for and participating in the leadership of ASPIRE and COE; and provides an opportunity for persons who have an interest in developing their personal and professional leadership skills.

Conference Committee

Committee Chairs: Rebecca Tierney

Description: Under the direction of the Board, the Conference Committee plans, implements, and evaluates the ASPIRE Annual Conference (see Operating Guidelines, Section 7, Conference – Policy and Procedures). The Conference Committee Chair will oversee the conference and utilize subcommittees to organize and carry out the Annual Conference. Subcommittees report regularly to the Conference Committee Chair and coordinate with each other. Subcommittees may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Agenda Subcommittee
    • Plans overall schedule of events;
    • Solicits, selects, and confirms presenters and workshops;
    • Coordinates with Logistics Subcommittee regarding facilities.
  • Logistics Subcommittee
    • Researches conference facilities and makes arrangements and reservations concerning costs, meeting rooms, meals, handicapped accessibility, travel connections, ground transportation, etc.;
    • Plans recreational and social activities for conference;
    • Coordinates equipment for workshops with local TRIO projects to defray costs.
  • Registration Subcommittee
    • In collaboration with the Treasurer, the Conference Committee Chair selects an individual to Chair the Registration Subcommittee;
    • Develops registration procedures and coordinates receipt of moneys;
    • Oversees on-site registration during conference.


Committee Chair: 

Chair, John Shafer

  • Description: The Finance Committee is responsible for planning and monitoring the ASPIRE budget for the current Fiscal Year.

Governmental Relations

Committee Chairs:

  • Allyson Garcia
  • Joseph Aguirre


  • Disseminates legislative and U.S. Department of Education information to the membership;
  • Coordinates with COE regarding legislative and U.S. Department of Education actions;
  • Participates in annual COE Policy Seminar and encourages regional participation.


Committee Chair: Chair, Cara Davis – University of North Dakota

  • Colorado Representative –
  • Montana Representative –
  • North Dakota Representative –
  • South Dakota Representative –
  • Utah Representative – Jami Bayles, Utah State University Eastern – Blanding Campus
  • Wyoming Representative –


  • Membership is described in the Operating Guidelines, Section 5 (Membership);
  • Responsible for increasing ASPIRE membership;
  • Distributes membership materials and provides information to new TRIO personnel in ASPIRE Region;
  • Maintains and disseminates official membership roster to all members.

Native American

Committee Chairs: Kyle Ethelbah, Joseph Aguirre, Delmar Hamilton

Committee Members: 

The Native American Committee coordinates training and professional development needs for personnel who work with American Indian programs, advocates for Native Americans within TRIO, and encourages participation through professional development & best practices of Tribal Colleges within ASPIRE.

Public Relations

Chairs: Peggy Madrid & Dennis Stangl

The Public Relations Committee coordinates all public relations activities for ASPIRE, including websites, printed publications, and media relations.

Professional Development

Committee Chair: Joseph Aquirre

  • Colorado Representative –
  • Montana Representative –
  • North Dakota Representative –
  • South Dakota Representative – Calvin Krogman, University of South Dakota
  • Utah Representative – Rebecca Tiernery, Weber State University
  • Wyoming Representative –

Social Justice Commitee

Committee Chairs: Brandi Scott

Committee Members: 

In recognizing there are many barriers and struggles facing our students that keep them from enrolling and succeeding in postsecondary education, ASPIRE Inc. established the Social Justice Committee.  The Committee will be compiled of one executive board member and at least three representatives from different states within ASPIRE.  Committee is tasked with acting as a resource and advisory committee on various social justice issues facing our students to ASPIRE members.  Duties to include, but not limited to: assist with volunteer project at regional annual conference, offer assistance to states who wish to host a volunteer project for their State TRIO Day, offer resources for social justice issues programs to be offered at regional annual conference, and any other duties as designated by the board.

State Initiative

Committee Chair: Lucia Delgado, Theresa Rader

State Initiative Grant in conjunction with Paul T. Spraggins Grant with COE.
The purpose of the grant is to assist state/chapter associations in creating and/or strengthening outreach initiatives, the Council’s State Leadership Committee provides matching funds for outreach activities and strategies. Fundable outreach initiatives traditionally are those that improve the association’s state advocacy, engagement in education policy, enhance development capacity, train members on and develop media relations, or increase alumni engagement.

Strategic Plan

Committee Members: 

  • Darlene Samson
  • Theresa Rader


The Strategic Planning Committee provides review and revision of the ASPIRE strategic plan on a yearly basis. The Strategic Plan Committee also provides for additional planning beyond the five year original strategic plan.  The mission of the Strategic Plan is to increase the education and success opportunities for all low-income students, first-generation students, and students with disabilities through professional development and legislative advocacy.


Committee Chair: Dennis Stangl & Peggy Madrid

Description: The responsibility of the of the Technology Committee is to provide technology support, management, and maintenance for the Association, to maintain the ASPIRE, Inc., website with incorporated emerging technologies, and to ensure the dissemination and availability of ASPIRE publications/updates, pertinent documents, event information and membership information.

TRIO Alumni

Committee Chair: 

  • Morgan Tau Patrick – University of Wyoming
    • Colorado Representative –
    • Montana Representative –
    • North Dakota Representative –
    • South Dakota Representative –
    • Utah Representative –
    • Wyoming Representative –

Description:  The TRIO Alumni Committee coordinates with Council for Opportunity in Education to promote the National TRIO Alumni Society, organize Alumni Societies in the ASPIRE Region, and publicize the purposes of creating Alumni Societies which include directing social media efforts; providing a network of social and professional support for former participants in TRIO programs; increasing public awareness of the needs of disadvantaged students enrolled in, or aspiring to attend postsecondary institutions; providing recognition of achievements to former TRIO participants; providing a mechanism for former TRIO participants to voice support for TRIO programs; and providing assistance with the initiation, organization, and implementation of individual chapter of TRIO Alumni Societies.

TRIO Masters

The TRIO Masters Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining current contact information for retirees and long-time members of ASPIRE; coordinating activities for retirees and long-time members no longer working with a TRIO program designed to continue their involvement with ASPIRE and the TRIO community; and coordinating efforts with Development Chair to solicit personal donations from potential members.

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