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Reservations for print ads, exhibitor booth space, and sponsorships are now being accepted for the 2019 ASPIRE, Inc. regional conference, and we invite you to reserve your space now. Corporate partnerships such as yours are vital to the success of the conference and the continuation of the ASPIRE mission.  Thank you for your support of our programs and the students we serve!



                   4 S Cascade Ave

       Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Please complete the form below and email your Ad (pdf format) by August 15th to:

Brandi Roesener | roesbran@uwyo.edu

If sending a check (or purchase now), please send payment to:

c/o Marilyn Thayer
3858 Century Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526

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Sponsorship Packages: 

S1) Sustainer Sponsorship: $5000

Full Conference Tabling, Full page ad, Mention during luncheon and awards dinner, (3) luncheon & (3) dinner tables, (2) concurrent sessions

 S2) Cultivator: $2,500

Full Conference Tabling, Full page ad, Mention at awards dinner, (2) Dinner tables, (2) Luncheon tables, (2) Concurrent sessions

S3) Activist: $1,250

Full Conference Tabling, Full Page ad, (1) Dinner table, (1) Luncheon table, (1) Concurrent session

 S4) Supporting: $750

Full Conference tabling, Full page ad, (1) Dinner table

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[av_contact_field label=’Tabling Options’ type=’select’ options=’None, Purchasing Online, Included in Sponsorship Package, $200 Table for Sunday (8am-3pm) and Monday (8am-6pm), $300 Table for Monday (8am-6pm) and Tuesday (8am-6pm)’ check=” width=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’Sponsorships’ type=’select’ options=’No Package Selected, Purchasing Online, Sustainer Sponsorship: $5000, Cultivator: $2500, Activist: $1250, Supporting: $750′ check=” width=”][/av_contact_field]
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