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Please complete the form on the bottom of this page if you wish to have an ASPIRE e-mail account (For members only).  You can use this address to send messages to legislators, other organizations, etc.

To use your ASPIRE, Inc e-mail account follow these instructions. You should have received a message containing your ASPIRE e-mail address and a password. To login visit 

Enter your full ASPIRE e-mail address and password.

After you login for the first time, you may change your password.

Click on your name and scroll down to “Passwords and Security”

You will notice that there are three options for using your new e-mail account. Try any version of these and use the one you prefer most. You can then configure your account to open using this version of e-mail program when you login each time. 

You may wish to forward any e-mail sent to this account to another e-mail account. To do this, click on your name and scroll down to “Forwarders” and then enter the forwarding address you wish to use.

After you have logged into your ASPIRE e-mail account for the first time, you can then use your smartphone or Mac/PC to access your e-mail with other applications.

On a Mac use the Spark Mail app

On IOS use the Spark Mall app (search for Spark Mail in the app store).

On a PC use the Outlook application (search for this in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10)

On Android use the Outlook application (search for Outlook in the Google Play Store)  – choose to set up the account manually. You do not need to enter server information.