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Educational Access Day

Ed Access for AspirationsThe TRIO Educational Access Day in Cheyenne, WY was a great experience. It was exciting to see people in the TRIO programs come to the state capital and learn about the legislative process. One of the great things about attending Educational Access Day was meeting other people from the UW Student Success Services program as well as other TRIO programs, such as Upward Bound and the McNair Scholars Program. Getting to talk to them and learn about their experiences has broadened my insight to what TRIO programs are able to do for many people from different walks of life. For me, I don’t think I would be able to go to college to earn a degree without the help of TRIO programs offered at my high school. My siblings have also benefitted from the TRIO programs where they live. I am the first, in both my entire family and my neighborhood, to attend college. It is realistic that I can get my degree because of the TRIO programs and resources. Educational Access Day helped motivate me even more to get my degree and pursue my goals of a higher education as well as help others with those similar goals. It meant so much that we have representatives who value these programs and want to cheer students to meet their individual goals. Victoria Ramos SSS Participant University of Wyoming
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