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Conference Chair message for ASPIRE 2015

Dear ASPIRE Colleagues,

On behalf of South Dakota ASPIRE, I would like to welcome you to the 2015 Regional ASPIRE Conference.Β  We are honored to host you in our beautiful state and thank you for taking the time our of your busy schedules to attend the conference.

Our conference theme, Celebrating History Creating Momentum, reminds us of the valuable contributions TRIO programs have made in the lives of low-income, first generation students and students with disabilities throughout the past 51 years. Moving forward, the Coference Committee encourages you to create momentum for TRIO programs, the value of education and in the service you provide to your students!

We are fortunate to have special guests from the Council for Opportunity in Education in attendance and extend our warmest ASPIRE hospitality to Maureen Hoyler, President of COE and to Trent Ball, COE Board Chair.

The 2015 Regional ASPIRE Conference Committee has worked diligently to provide you with wonderful professional development and networking opportunities that include distinguished keynote speakers and breakout presenters. Please join me in thanking them for all thier exceptional knowledge, organization and hard work.

We hope that you enjoy your time in Rapid City and in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.


Becky Jensen

2015 ASPIRE Conference Chair

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