IMG_20151109_211749 IMG_20151028 IMG_3268 IMG_7519 IMG_7484The Career and College Readiness Summit was held in Ethete, WY on October 28th, 2015 and was open for all 9-12 grader Native Americas in Fremont County.  Teffany Fegler, EOC Coordinator, was one of the main organizers of this event.  Hattie Penny, EOC Coordinator, was one of the breakout session presenters.  Over 430 students attended the all-day event from 8 different high schools.  The summit consisted of the students attending 2 breakout sessions of their choice, presentations from Olympian Billy Mills and motivational speaker-Chance Rush, time at over 40 booths ranging from college/military/job corps/agencies, and a goal setting activity.  Breakout sessions offered were Native Americans in STEM Careers, Vocational/Technical Careers, Scholarship/FAFSA, Native Americans in Education, Wind River Job Corp, Entrepreneurs/Money Sense, Journey to College, Job Seeking/Job Keeping Skills, and Succeeding in College Athletics.  During the goal setting activity, students decorated feathers by outlining their goals. Great feedback was given from the students through a google evaluation after the event.  Plans are already being made for next year’s summit with goals of getting every Native American student in Fremont County to attend (potentially up to 650 students) and increase the number of booths from tribal colleges.