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What does SOS/TRIO do for me…….

To Whom it May Concern: I would like to share what the SOS/TRIO program has done for me as a student, a mom, and a professional. I started at MSUB soon after graduating high school and then Cosmetology School in 2004. As a freshmen, I initially registered with the Student Opportunity Services (SOS), because I was a low income student and a first time college student. I figured it was a program I would do nothing with and fall out of soon, but I was wrong. I immediately noticed how friendly and welcoming everyone was. I met with my mentor to discuss my plan of study, the assistance I needed, and different activities I could get involved in. Everyone in the program were extremely friendly and displayed willingness to work around my schedule to assist me, even though they themselves had crazy schedules. I am in awe of how efficient and effective their office is with so many tasks on their schedules, and students needing help. They fight so hard to keep their program open to as many students as possible. They give me a sense of hope that there are people out there that care………just because they care. They listen to my student needs, my personal needs, and my interpersonal needs. They help me weekly, if not daily, by giving me a sense of security and confidence that I can do this and get my degree. They are so good to everyone, and they listen, and they care. Sometimes parents need to be told they are doing a good job too. The staff always makes me feel like I am worth while. They have a new receptionist that actually remembered my name after meeting me once! Amazing. Now that is customer services/student service. They never stick up their noses or huff when you have to bring kiddos with you to their office. They always have a family friendly environment and during the week they have different activities, goodies and snacks. Besides the wonderful mentors, SOS also helps me with studying by allowing me to rent books and smart pens. They have wonderful tutors that have helped me immensely. Without the SOS program I would not be able to afford tutoring, and lets face it, when it comes to Statistics and Chemistry, everyone needs a little help. Keith is the best tutor anyone could ever ask for; he is always available, he is always cheery, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to help his students. SOS/TRIO also allows students to use computers available in the office and print for free. They can help with resumes, applications, work study, volunteering, as well as study guides/study groups, student resources, class registration, tutoring, and plans of study. SOS/TRIO has helped me more than any other group/organization on campus.   Sincerely, Jessica Kannegiesser
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