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Wyoming EOC Participant of the Month-January

We are a little late on the January Student of the Month for Wyoming’s EOC program, but better late than never, right?? We are pleased to introduce Azhane Bufford, a senior at Pine Bluffs High School with a vision to someday change the world in positive ways.  Having moved from Denver, she has also done very well at PBHS.  Her first semester earned her a 3.4.  While Azhane has had some cards stacked against her, she has met every challenge put before her with courage and strength, a feat that few would have the ability to endure.  Moving to Wyoming brought new challenges for Azhane but she has taken them on with a passion and is succeeding every step of the way.  Despite moving to a new town this year, she stepped out of her comfort zone and has quite easily made many friends and won the hearts of the staff and the support of the community.    She shows immense kindness and concern for those she cares about at, something this world always needs more of!  Azhane has dreams to continue her basketball career at the next level and begin studies in the medical field.  She is unsure of where she is headed for college, but her future sure looks bright!  
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