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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter
Today, as the entire nation seeks peace and justice, ASPIRE Inc. stands in solidarity with Black communities, including our TRIO professionals, students, participants and alumni impacted daily by racism, violence, and systemic oppression.
We support and stand collectively to mourn the unjust loss of George Floyd, one among countless others senselessly killed in recent times and historically.
TRIO programs, established during the 1960’s War on Poverty and rooted in the civil rights movement, are deeply committed to assisting low-income, first-generation students, and students with disabilities, to overcome these barriers through the pursuit of higher education.  We know that our students hold intersectional identities beyond those specific TRIO demographics including race, sexual orientation, gender identity, among many more.
We call attention to the fight to eradicate inequality and oppression, to advance our long-cherished values of educational opportunity, and to make this world a better place by developing the next generation of leaders. 
Rooted in our TRIO history and love for this work, we invite non-black people of color and white allies within TRIO to unite in the call for an end to racism and racial violence.  We recognize our power, opportunity, and role in dismantling systems of oppression.  
Our students, families, staff, and alumni of color are valued and essential members of the ASPIRE community. We join in their anger, pain and search for change. 
Black Lives Matter. 
ASPIRE Board and Social Justice Committee
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