ASPIRE award nominations

It’s AWARDS time again! Please take a moment to nominate deserving individuals for the following awards:

– TRIO Achiever 

– Rising Star

– Friend of ASPIRE

– Champion of TRIO

Champion of TRIO Nomination Form 2018

Friend of ASPIRE Nomination Form 2018

Rising Star Nomination Form 2018

TRIO Achiever Nomination Form 2017-18

Recipients will be recognized at the ASPIRE Region Conference in Missoula, Montana in Octobe 2018.  To nominate an individual, you must be a current ASPIRE member, and the eligibility criteria for each award are briefly described below, as well as, on the nomination forms. Please email me your nominations by June 15, 2018.  I will reply to all nominators to verify that I have received your nominations.

TRIO Achiever:
1)must be a former TRIO project participant who was enrolled in and successfully completed a TRIO program in the ASPIRE region; 2) must have enrolled in and successfully completed a postsecondary program of study resulting in a bachelor’s or terminal degree from an accredited institution of higher education; 3) must be a person of high stature within his/her profession or have received recognition for outstanding academic achievement; 4) must currently be employed above the entry-level baccalaureate level; and 5) must have made significant civic, community, or professional contributions. Participation in a TRIO project must have had a significant impact upon the candidate in obtaining his/her professional objectives (as acknowledged by the participant).  TRIO Achievers who are selected should be prepared to present a five minute address to the ASPIRE membership during the TRIO Achievers’ Luncheon at the 2018 conference in Missoula, Montana.

Rising Star:
1)worked in TRIO for three years or less; 2) excelled in providing services to TRIO and/or to ASPIRE at the local, state, or regional levels; and 3) been nominated by anyone at the local, state, or regional level.

Friend of ASPIRE:
This award is determined by requesting nominations from project personnel in institutions that have an Institutional Membership to the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE). The nominee can be a President, Vice-President, Dean, or other non-TRIO person in that institution or community who has been particularly supportive of TRIO.

Champion of TRIO
Appropriate nominations are received and approved by the ASPIRE Executive Board. Criteria to be a nominee consist of the following: 1) being an elected official (includes Tribal Council members); 2) evidence of active support of TRIO and disadvantaged students; and 3) must serve constituents within the ASPIRE Region.

 Thank you for taking the time to recognize those individuals who have supported the mission of ASPIRE and TRIO through their dedication and advocacy!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!

Jami Bayles,
ASPIRE Awards Chair

Cheyenne McNair Scholar receives full ride to Michigan doctorate program

The Joy of McNair Scholars Program

mcnair-oct (1)Learning is joy, and McNair Scholar research at UND is a joy for both students and McNair mentors. Ms. Manna Khan recently joined the McNair Scholars program to advance her work in Geography. She is working with Dr. Christopher Atkinson and is keenly interested in water pollution in Bangladesh as it pertains to pollution sources and the connection and impact to human populations. The process of asking questions and seeking answers is a joy for Ms. Khan. Her mentor sees advancement in her character and aptitude for independent research even in the short time since work began. While this progression of student skill in research brings joy to Dr. Atkinson, the main focus of the McNair program is to help undergraduate students prepare for graduate-level research. In this regard, Ms. Khan sees the joy in learning at each and every McNair research session by taking good notes and bringing a positive attitude even though the focus of these meetings could be deemed “dry” by others. By working together and compromising when needed, Ms. Khan and her mentor developed a great working relationship during Summer 2014. During the Halloween weekend, Ms. Khan and other UND scholars from the McNair program travel to a conference in Wisconsin; Ms. Khan will discover the joy of sharing research discoveries. When she returns to UND, Ms. Khan knows the research she wants to pursue: she has recognized the joy of research when a plan is in place. Dr. Atkinson looks forward to helping her discover the joy of applying her research to an important topic and finding out what the results indicate for Bangladesh. The McNair Scholars program remains a very important segment of student opportunity at UND. The program creates solid results for students and professors alike as they strive to commonly pursue the mutual love and joy of research in common company.


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