Champion of TRIO

The Champion of TRIO Award recipients are nominated by members, selected by the Awards Committee, and approved by the ASPIRE Board. Nominees are elected public officials (including Tribal Council Members) who serve constituents within the ASPIRE region and who have demonstrated active support and advocacy of TRIO students and programs.
YearName, Title, Location
1992Tim Wirth, Senator CO
1993Wayne Owens, Congressman UT
1995Rosemarie Myrdal, Lieutenant Governor ND
1997Conrad Burns, Senator MT
2002Kent Conrad, Senator ND
2003Jack Spiker, Mayor, City of Cheyenne WY
2004Craig Thomas, Senator WY
2005Jim Matheson, Congressman UT
2006Becket Hinckley, Wyoming House of Representatives, District 41, WY
2008Earl Pomeroy, Congressman ND
2009Tim Johnson, Senator SD
2011Max Banens, Senator MT
2011Jon Tester, Senator MT
2012Floyd Esquibel, Wyoming State Legislator, District 8, WY
2013Jared Polis, US Representative D-CO 2nd District, CO
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