Friend of ASPIRE

Nominations for the Friend of ASPIRE award are made by ASPIRE members working at an institution with a COE Institutional Membership. Nominees are Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Deans, or other non-TRIO individuals at the institution or in the community who have demonstrated support for TRIO programs and participants.
YearName & Location
1986Dr. James Hurst, University of Wyoming
1988Sue Spencer, University of Montana
1989President Thomas, Clifford University of North Dakota
1990Joseph Lynn Lee, College of Eastern Utah
1991Dr. Gordon Henry, University of North Dakota
1993Jim Flightner, University of Montana
1994Terry Webb, University of North Dakota
1995Georgia Beth Thompson, Southern Utah University
1996Katie Jean Larsen, Snow College
1997Daniel J. Bradley, Montana
1998Dr. Leigh Jeanotte, North Dakota
1999Toni Weight, Utah
2000Mary Ontiveros, Colorado
2002Brandon McLean, Montana
2003Alice Hoffert, University of North Dakota
2005Susan B Patton, Montana Tech
2006Dr. Charles H. Bohlen, Laramie County Community College
2007Dr. Blanche Hughes, Colorado State University
2008Patrick Clarke, Southern Utah University
2009Paul Schierer Pence & MacMillan LLC
2010Marysz Rames, South Dakota State University
2011Carl Porter, Weber State University
2012Carmen Alldredge, Southern Utah University
2013Amy Parsons, Colorado State University
2014Wally Erhardt, Bank of North Dakota
2015Dr. Cynthia Pemberton, Dickinson State University
2016Hannah E. Vanhoose, Legislative Aide, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT)
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