TRIO Alumni

National TRIO Alumni Association (NTAA)

Why TRIO Alumni?

Through their academic, financial, social, and cultural supportive services, TRIO programs have empowered an estimated 6 million low-income, first-generation students, and students with disabilities to enter and graduate college. To help create a stronger network of TRIO alumni, the Council has several opportunities for alumni.

The Promise of NTAA (Mission)

The promise of the National TRIO Alumni Association (NTAA) is to promote the continued existence of TRIO programs; and foster enduring relationships between alumni, students, and partners through intellectual, professional, and personal connections.

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This online community allows TRIO alumni from around the world to connect and stay current with TRIO news and events; join local alumni groups; network with peers; and post, share, or browse career opportunities. Sign up/create your profile today!

Submit Your Story to Faces of TRIO

It’s time to share your TRIO Story with the world! An effort to bring awareness to the positive impact of TRIO programs, Faces of TRIO collects stories from TRIO alumni and shares them on social media. To submit your story for consideration, please complete this survey.