2011 Achievers

Derek Kingrey

Derek Kingrey

Colorado State University

Educational Talent Search

Derek graduated from Adams City High School in 1999. He began participating in the Colorado State University Educational Talent Search program while in the sixth grade. “I grew up from very humble beginnings and was raised by an incredible single mother who never gave up on me. Upon entering the sixth grade year, I applied for the Educational Talent Search Program. This program has been a life-changing event for many others and me. Talent Search has provided me with the skills and tools necessary to pursue my educational goals. In high school, Talent Search played a crucial role in assisting me with the college process. My Talent Search advisor helped me with my college applications and gave me the confidence to succeed in college. I entered Cornell University in the fall of 1999 where I majored in Physics and played football. Because of TRIO, I was exposed to numerous educational opportunities that helped propel me into a competitive university and take charge of my success. Today I am working as a chief engineer in a physics lab and have completed my Master’s Degree in Condensed Matter Physics. My promotion potential is impressive to say the least. I am and will always be forever grateful for the role Educational Talent Search played in my success.”

Adrian Puryear

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Student Support Services

Adrian Puryear, first-generation participant serves as a role model for her peers. As Lead Peer Tutor, she has helped many struggling students to not only succeed academically, but also to feel that they belong in college. She maintains a strong GPA while keeping active in Metropolitan State College of Denver’s student organization “Advocates of TRIO”, working two jobs (50 hours weekly in total), and caring for her elderly grandmother. MSCD honored her with the prestigious Future Alumnus award. She also received the Metro Scholars’ scholarship. After earning her BA in English with Secondary-Education Licensure, Adrian plans to become a public high school teacher.