ASPIRE 2019 / 2019 TRIO Achievers

David P. Rivera PhD, Associate Professor of Counselor Education

David P. Rivera
Associate Professor of Counselor Education
Queens College City University of New York
New York, NY
Dr. David Rivera is a McNair Alumni from the University of Wyoming who earned a Master’s
degree in Counseling from John Hopkins University and a Doctorate from Columbia University.
He currently teaches in the graduate counseling department at Queens College. David is an
adviser to the Steve Fund, a non-profit organization working to improve the mental health
supports for students of color at postsecondary institutions, and he is a frequent presenter at
TRIO events, and at the American Psychological Association.

Jessica Rizzuto

The TRIO program has made significant impacts on my life going all the way back to freshman year of high school. I first became involved with the program through Upward Bound. This was when I first met Brandi Roesener, the Upward Bound Coordinator; I can directly attribute my success to this program and all of the support I received from it. TRIO gave me stability and a home base where I was able to succeed in my education which ultimately gave me the career I love today.

My college career was all made possible because of TRIO. I was able to graduate Colorado State University with a full ride scholarship from the Daniels Fund only stemming from a nomination from Upward Bound. The Daniels fund Scholarship gave me the tools to get through college successfully and even at times pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of.

After college, I started as a technician for the Wyoming Game and Fish and there I was able to work my way up to an Aquatic Invasive Species Biologist where I still am today. I still stay involved with Brandi and TRIO and she has continued to give me career advice and even invites me to speak to some of her summer classes. It has been a joy to teach the up and coming TRIO students and talk with them about how they can succeed in the program the same way I did. I have gained so much from TRIO and would not be where I am today without it.