ASPIRE 2019 / Welcome from ASPIRE President

Greetings ASPIRE Colleagues!  On behalf of the ASPIRE Board, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our beautiful city of Colorado Springs in the glorious state of Colorado for ASPIRE’s Annual Conference.  Your ASPIRE leadership truly understands the importance of investing in the professional development of our members to effectively foster commitment within our association.  ASPIRE is the driving force in providing YOU, our members, outstanding professional development and resources in such areas as leadership, high impact practices, social justice, advocacy, and health and wellness to name a few.  My desire for you is that by the end of the conference your mind is racing with great ideas, your body is energized with activities to consider and your soul is rejuvenated to share all the many amazing things you have learned and experienced with your students, staff, community and family.

Our hope is that this year’s conference theme, “Elevating the Mind, Body and Soul of TRIO”, resonates with each one of you on a personal and professional level.  If so, then we accomplished our goal in providing high impact professional development and resources to better equip you in programming, working with your students, collaborating with your communities while always remembering to take time to celebrate and reflect.

I would like to take this time to thank ASPIRE’s Conference Co-Chairs, Angelica Valdez and Brandi Roesener and the many volunteers who served on all the conference subcommittees.  They have all gone above and beyond to ensure that the vision that I had for this year’s conference was fulfilled and resulted in a conference that is a meaningful and memorable experience for all.

During my presidency, I have learned so much from you, our members in each state, as well as our colleagues within our ten Associations and COE leadership and staff.  I want to take this time to thank all of you for attending this year’s conference and your continued support and commitment to the work that you do every day in Elevating the Mind, Body and Soul of TRIO students and staff.  There are no words to truly express what an honor it has been to serve such passionate and dedicated professionals who have an unwavering love for what we do!

Many blessings to my TRIO family!

Cynthia Ayala Cooper