MT ASPIRE Indian Advocacy Committee End of Year Report
September 23, 2004
Submitted By:  Angelina Levandowski, Committee Chair

In April, 2004 the Indian Advocacy Committee had two very productive meetings.  During the meetings we accomplished three main tasks.  The first item of business we accomplished was selecting a new chairperson.  Arleen Adams stepped down as chair of the committee earlier in the year.  The committee decided that Angelina Levandowski would chair the committee.

Secondly, the committee brainstormed a draft of a vision statement to define the purpose and duties of the committee.  Throughout the year the committee discussed and revised the statement through e-mail and will finalize the vision statement at the regional conference in Jackson Hole, WY.  Currently, the draft of the vision statement states:

“The diversity issues faced by Native Americans have not often been addressed within our mainstream communities.  The vision of the Indian Advocacy Committee (IAC) is to promote Native American awareness on higher education, governmental relations, sovereignty, Native American community building, tribal colleges, governance, curriculum development, and policy.  In addition, IAC hopes to build a bridge through resiliency awareness, networking and professional development, between Native American institutions and mainstream institutions.”


Thirdly, the committee would like to offer a professional development workshop at the next MT ASPIRE state meeting in April, 2005 addressing issues facing Native Americans involved in TRIO.  Finally, we would also like to communicate with legislators the impact TRIO programs have working with Native American students.

We will continue working on these projects at the regional ASPIRE meeting in Jackson Hole, WY.

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Aspire 2003 Conference Indian Advocacy Committee Montana Region

The following is the email listing for those who participated in the “Indian Advocacy Committee” meeting on 9/30/03 at the ASPIRE conference in Grand Rapids, South Dakota.  This listing will be forwarded to the committee chair, Arleen Adams, who was unable to attend.  As stated in the meeting, Angelina will be contacting Arleen to set up regular communications among our committee.

Faith Price
(406) 275-4872

Misty Salois
Wallace Bear Chum
Candace Hubbard
Great Falls-SSS
Barb Anderson
Jewel Daschamp-Gopher
Great Falls-TS 
Alan Thompson
MT Tech-UB
Stacy Atkinson
Fort Peck-SSS
Rosemary Hugs
Sharon (Raelyn) Dumontier
Rhonda Mason
Fort Peck-SSS 
Gretchen Brien
Annette Kankelborg
Jim Griffin
Arleen Adams                                     
SKC-TRIO Training Institute                          
Angelina Levandowski
Univ of MT-UB

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