Montana Chapter of ASPIRE State Meeting
Jackson Lake Lodge, Moran, WY
Meeting I:  3:30- 5:00, Sunday, 10/03/04

Note: The Sunday minutes were lost when the laptop the disc drive failed. Please contact us to restore anything from your report that is not in the minutes. Apologies from Mica and BKP for any omissions.

BKP Pilcher (BKP) calls the meeting to order. He reads the minutes from April meeting and they are approved. Thanks are received from Estelle Hill, who received $750 from the Montana Chapter of ASPIRE to participate in a study abroad program.

BKP gives an update on May Regional Board Meeting:  He encourages attendance at regional business meeting and calls attention to regional development paperwork in the registration packets. He encourages State Chapters of ASPIRE to increase membership to a minimum of 50% of TRiO personnel or 10% above current membership levels. There is also a need to provide for student memberships.

Nominations for President Elect and Secretary Treasurer are entertained. RuthAnneShope nominates Wallace Bearchum for President elect. Seconds. Wallace accepts his nomination. Angelina Levandowski nominates Mica Slaven-Lamothe for President Elect.  Mica is given until the Tuesday meting to decide if she will accept or decline the nomination.

Michelle Watson is nominated for secretary-treasurer. She accepts the nomination. There are no other candidates and BKP entertains a motion to elect her by acclimation. The motion carries.

Committee chairs give their reports:

Membership- Charlene Herron

Meeting Planning- Dan Benge distributes a survey (yellow) and asks for input on the state meeting next April

Development (Fair Share)- Linda Ornowski

BKP asks members to consider a change from election of state officers at the fall meeting to election at the spring meetings to allow new officers to plan ahead of time to attend the new board training offered before each fall conference. The dates of the terms would not change. We will vote on this at state meeting on Tuesday.

BKP announces there is a need for members on regional committees.

The membership broke out for committee meetings. The membership to reconvene at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

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Meeting II: 4:30-6:00 pm, Tuesday, 10/05/04

Rene Dubay distributed packets of information about P-20, a pre-K-through-grad school initiative. Rene will be staffing the committee on dual enrollment. Ray Carlisle is involved in the strategic planning process and explained that it is vital that MT ASPIRE/TRiO stakes a place at the table early in the process. Robyn Wingo of EOP at UM-Western announced she is on a P-20 sub-committee looking at the MT writing assessment requirement and she is working on a project offering training to help students prepare for writing assessments; she will make more information available at the April state meeting.

Mica Slaven thanks Angelina Levandowski for the nomination and says she would accept a nomination to serve in the future but believes it is unnecessary to spend time voting when someone has already accepted a nomination to serve as President Elect. Ray Carlisle makes the motion to elect Wallace Bearchum as President Elect by acclimation. Rene Dubay seconds.

Wallace Bearchum introduces himself as an ETS coordinator from Lame Deer and a Northern Cheyenne tribal member and makes a statement of looking forward to serving as President Elect.

Michelle Watson thanks everyone for her new role as Secretary/Treasurer and thanks everyone in Billings for their support and mentorship.

Charlene Herron of Membership committee reports there are currently 145 ASPIRE workers in Montana and 77 ASPIRE members, which puts us at 53% membership. She proposes that we adopt two of the regional membership guidelines: 1) that the past president becomes the Membership committee co-chair (BKP agrees) and that we combine the Membership and Development committees.

Dan Benge of the Meeting Planning committee collects the yellow surveys and asks that those who have not completed a survey to mail theirs to him as soon as possible. He offers thanks to Robbie Sullivan (not present) for standardizing the nomination process for TRiO Achievers; the nomination forms and criteria sheets are disseminated.

Dan and BKP review the cost of the April state meeting last as $90 per participant up to 3 participants per program and additional program workers at cost. Dan asks if members prefer a flat rate of $75 per participant and after some discussion it is decided that spring meeting registration will remain the same as last year.

Dan previews the tentative agenda for discussion; the tentative dates are Tue-Wed April 5th and 6th 2005. The location selected is Jorgenson’s, because Jorgenson’s is a popular spot for the legislators to go. Alan Thompson will try to get the same band to play for the Legislator’s hour as in 2003.

Dan announces the committee is pursuing Tom Mortenson of the Pell Institute as guest speaker for the April state meeting. He will speak for free but MT Chapter of ASPIRE would need to meet his travel costs. Rene may be able to assist with this. The intent is to have Tom speak in the morning for MT Chapter of ASPIRE and once more in the afternoon at a more public venue, such as Helena College Of Technology (HCOT) and invite educators and P-20 stakeholders.  In this light, Dan proposes the theme of the conference to be Access to Higher Education.

Current needs for the conference are: assistance for Michelle Watson with registration, a coordinator for the TRiO Achiever’s luncheon, and a workshop session coordinator. Amy Verlanic remarks that Jorgenson’s gives a kickback on the number of rooms rented, so for attendees to consider staying there as a contribution to MT Chapter of ASPIRE.

Linda Ornowski of the Development committee reports that a new way to reach regional Fair Share id called Project Membership. The hope is that this will satisfy the requirements to qualify as a project expense, such as COE membership.

Ray Carlisle, chair of the Governmental Relations committee, announces that he is coming up on his three year chair  term. They would like a new chair to come forward in the next year. The committee is producing a new MT TRiO fact book and the work on that will begin in January. They have received a one-time COE initiative grant to fund the new fact book.

Angelina Levandowski, Co-Chair of the Indian Advocacy committee reads the vision statement written by the committee this year. One of the goals of the committee is to promote awareness of native American/Indian student perspectives and needs, and to ensure that there are training opportunities for those working with Native students at all conferences. None were offered this year at regional ASPIRE.

BKP urges ASPIRE members to work with the SAF on College Goal Sunday (contact Garth Ferro: (406) 444-6597).

Amy Verlanic announces that there are two suitable locations in Missoula for the 2006 regional ASPIRE meeting and requests feedback for the idea of hosting it there.

BKP gives the treasurer’s report. We spent $1100 more than we had come in, due in part to the $750 we voted to contribute the Estelle Hill’s travel. MT Chapter of ASPIRE currently has $2880.52 in the budget, which puts us close the year-end target budget of $3000.

Proposed By-Laws change to electing officers in the spring instead of the fall.  Bud Sathers moves. Second by AM.

BKP thanks all for the marvelous opportunity to be State President and says he learned very much and it was an honor. He looks forward to continuing this work in the committees. Dan Benge presents BKP with a plaque of recognition.

Dan remarks he is looking forward to doing the hard work ahead.

Arleen Adams will be leaving TRiO in a year when she finishes with the SKC training grant.

Rob Rust moves to adjourn. BKP seconds. The meeting is concluded.

Respectfully submitted, Mica Slaven-Lamothe    MTS


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