Legislative update for April 11

To find out who your ND State House and Senate members are and how to contact them, here is the link: https://www.legis.nd.gov/lcn/assembly/constituentViews/public/findmylegislator.htm

Greetings North Dakota ASPIRE,

Mary Fredricks, State Initiative





HB 1318 This bill authorizes an interim study of the state aid funding for K-12 and look at the formula to determine how to sustain tax buy downs.  Unfortunately, an interim study of education savings accounts, defeated in HB 1382, was approved in this bill.


HB 1382 As introduced this bill called for the establishment of an education savings account for K-12 education. The House changed it into an interim study of the feasibility and desirability of developing a school choice program.   Currently, there are no laws in ND pertaining to school choice.   It will now go to the Senate for its consideration. PASSED IN HOUSE 72-17, but FAILED IN SENATE 14 TO 32
SB 2243 SB 2243 began as a loan forgiveness bill that would have provided up to $25,000 of loan forgiveness for new teachers if they taught in a critical need subject in a critical-need geographic area for three years. It began with a $6 million appropriation, was amended to $2 million, and ultimately amended into a study. In conference committee
SB 2037 Another loan forgiveness bill relating to technology occupations and teacher shortage on a much smaller scale. An amendment to the bill combined two programs currently in place and put a $1000 annual limit and $5000 maximum limit on loan forgiveness. Reported back from conference committee and placed on calendar.
 SB 2036 Relating to matching grants for the advancement of academics at higher education institutions under the control of the state board of higher education.  (This bill would have awarded 1 dollar of state funding for every 2 dollars raised by institutional foundations at each NDUS institution.  PASSED IN SENATE, FAILED IN THE HOUSE
  SB 2272 The bill that uses Foundation Aid Stabilization funds (which they can now use thanks to Measure 2 and NDU – editor’s note) to help hold K-12 harmless this coming biennium. It also consolidates three construction loans and puts them in one place.


Signed into law by the Governor
SB 2144


This bill requests for workforce development grants at tribally controlled community colleges.  Amendments reduced appropriation from $1.5 M to $500,000. In conference committee
HIGHER EDUCATION FUNDING BILL – The appropriation for the ND State Grant has been reduced by about $2 Million from the previous biennium.  Several other grant and scholarship programs have also been reduced.  See pages 1 and 2 of the bill.   PASSED Senate, in HOUSE Appropriations





SB 2186 Relating to the creation of an innovative education programs for K-12 schools (Schools can apply for waivers to DPI to implement innovative education programs that improve education delivery, improve administration, provide more educational opportunities and improve academic success.)


Signed into law by the Governor


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