Educational Opportunity Center

Educational Opportunity Center

Program Description:
The Educational Opportunity Centers Program provides assistance and information to adults who seek to enter or continue a program of post-secondary education.

Participant Eligibility:
The program targets persons who express a desire to enroll, or are enrolled, in a post-secondary program and those who request information and assistance in applying for admission and/or financial aid. At least two-thirds of the students must be low-income, first generation college persons, age 19 or above, who need services in order to pursue a post-secondary education. If the services of an Educational Talent Search Program are not available in the target area, persons under 19 may be served.

Application/Funding Process:
Competitions for Educational Opportunity Center funding are held every four years. Second, third, and fourth year funding is based on approval of a non-competing continuation application. The grant competitions are held every five years.

Sponsoring Institutions:
Educational Opportunity Centers Programs may be sponsored by institutions of higher education, public and private nonprofit agencies, and in exceptional cases, secondary schools.

Services Provided by Educational Opportunity Center
• Academic, financial, and personal counseling
• Career exploration and aptitude assessments
• Assistance with the re-entry process  to high school or college
• Information on post-secondary educational opportunities
• Information on student financial assistance
• Assistance in completing college admissions testing, college admissions applications, and financial  aid applications
• Coordination with nearby post-secondary institutions
• Media activities designed to involve and acquaint the
community with higher education opportunities
• Tutoring
• Mentoring