ASPIRE - Promoting Education and Opportunity

Past Presidents

ASPIRE Past Presidents

YearsName, Institution
1977-1978 Fuji Adachi*, University of Wyoming
1978-1979 Kathryn Felker*, University of Utah
1979-1980 Kelly Espinoza*, Metropolitan State College
1980-1981Fuji Adachi, University of Wyoming
1981-1982 Bruce Austin, University of North Dakota
1982-1983 Paul Thayer, Colorado State University
1983-1984 Barry Ballard, University of Wyoming
1984-1985 Gary Amelia, University of Southern Colorado
1985-1986 Kathryn Johnson, University of Colorado-Denver
1986-1987 Bonnie Helm, University of Wyoming
1987-1988 Rene Dubay, Montana Commission of Higher Ed.
1988-1989Kelly Espinoza, Metropolitan State College
1989-1990 Andrea Reeve, University of Wyoming
1990-1991 Jim Kopecky, Weber State University
1991-1992Carol Gritts, Black Hills State University
1992-1993 Deborah McGriff, University of Wyoming
1993-1994Jake Lindsay, Metropolitan State College
1994-1995 Charles Maldonado, Metropolitan State College
1995-1996 Florence Garcia, Montana State University-Billings
1996-1997 Stephanie Hicswa, Flathead Valley Community College
1997-1998 Lori Strauss, Colorado State University
1998-1999 Elaine Metcalfe, University of North Dakota
1999-2000 Barbara Burkart, Salt Lake Community College
2000-2001 Lindy Waters, University of Colorado-Boulder
2001-2002 Lynne Brown, Southern Utah University
2002-2003 Oscar Felix, Colorado State University
2003-2004 Curtis Sandberg, University of Wyoming
2004-2005 Steve Baumann, University of Utah
2005-2006 Amy Verlanic, Montana Tech of the U of Montana
2006-2007 Allyn Kostecki, North Dakota State University
2007-2008 Michael Wade, University of Wyoming
2008-2009 Dan Benge, Montana State University-Billings
2009-2010 Ryan Ross, Community College of Denver
2010-2011 Dawn Eckhardt, University of North Dakota
2011-2012 Rachel Martinez, Laramie County Community College
2012-2013 Derek Sporbert, University of North Dakota
2013-2014 Craig Harter, Dixie State College
2014-2015 Jamie Manzanares, University of Wyoming
2015-2016 Joseph Aguirre, Northern Wyoming Community College District
2016-2017 Kyle Ethelbah, University of Utah
2017-2018Darlene Samson, University of Montana, Missoula
2018-2019Cynthia Ayala, Colorado State University
2019-2020Theresa Rader, Montana Tech
2020-2021Rachel Lund, Utah State University/Eastern-Price
2021-2022 (Oct - April)Ally Garcia, Metropolitan State University of Denver