Privacy Statement

ASPIRE is committed to respecting privacy. ASPIRE recognizes the need for reasonable control of personally identifiable information that is shared with ASPIRE members. Personally identifiable information is any information that is associated with an individual’s name. ASPIRE uses the information to better understand the individual member’s and collective membership’s needs in order to provide better services. ASPIRE retains the right to track users of the Web site.

The privacy of personal information covers six main areas:

1.   Awareness:  ASPIRE provides this Privacy Statement to make members aware of Internet safety and caution in case a member chooses to share personally identifiable information.

2.   Choice:  ASPIRE will not sell personal identifiable information to others. Currently ASPIRE may share your information within ASPIRE and/or with contractors or business partners in order to satisfy ASPIRE needs. ASPIRE is committed to giving members the choice of whether information can be used for additional purposes such as direct marketing.

3.   Access and Accuracy:  ASPIRE strives to keep personally identifiable information accurate. ASPIRE works to make it easier for members to review the information that ASPIRE stores in its databases and enables members, if necessary, to update or correct information.

4.   Security:  ASPIRE is committed to ensuring the security of membership information. Credit card numbers are only used for processing payment and are not used for other purposes.  Credit card numbers will not be stored on the ASPIRE server.

5.   Oversight:  ASPIRE supports industry self-regulation efforts on privacy by working with such organizations as the Online Privacy Alliance, Better Business Bureau Online (BBBOnLine), and the Direct Marketing Association. ASPIRE also works closely with government bodies in the U.S. and in other countries as well as consumer groups who are working to protect consumer privacy. 

6.  Disclaimer: ASPIRE is not responsible for the content of any external links.