Emeritus Membership


Emeritus Membership is available to any person that has maintained ASPIRE Professional membership for a minimum of 10 years, and is now retired from the position they held within TRIO programs during their ASPIRE membership period. Each Emeritus Member is entitled to one vote, and may serve on committees, but may hold no office in the association or serve on the Board of Directors.

Current cost: Free

If you are a continuing member with ASPIRE and previous membership purchases were made under a different name, please contact Dawn Eckhardt at dawn.eckhardt@und.edu to have your records combined so we may make sure all years of service to ASPIRE are recorded accurately.

Please provide the answers to each question as you would like it to be listed in the ASPIRE Membership Directory

**If you would like to purchase multiple memberships at one time, please enter the information for one person and then click “Add to cart”. Then click “Continue Shopping” from your Cart.**

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