MT Chapter of ASPIRE State Meeting
Cheyenne Wyoming
Little America Hotel
October 10, 2010
4:25 PM

  1. Call meeting to order – Mike McLean
  2. Appoint parliamentarian – Rob Rust accepts
  3. Quorum established – Mike McLean
  4. Review of meeting minutes
    • Motion to approve – Lynn Farris
    • Second – Bart Boggess
  5. Introductions
  6. Committee reports
    • Development
      1. Mike Mclean – Need for more members of Aspire, directors need to be involved, get people in your program involved, COE does a lot for us, need to be telling our story, if we don’t fight, we could be out of a job.
      2. Tracy McDonald: What’s the difference between COE membership vs. Fair Share?
        • Amy Verlanic:
          1. COE operates on grant funds – COE limited to how they can use those funds
          2. Fair share comes out of our own pockets so COE can do more with the money
          3. Institutional Membership bought with program dollars not personal money, also supports COE
        • Dan Benge: Clarifies difference between COE fair share and Aspire contributions
        • Heather Licht: I get confused when things are due, is there a list?
          1. Amy Verlanic gives dates when due = July 1 through June 30 fiscal year, things are due on July 1
          2. Dan Benge: we use the money from fair share and instituitonal, membership help us do things like hire lawyers and for advocacy in DC.  Give what you can
    • Membership
      1. Mike Mclean reports 84 professional members in Montana Aspire
    • Indian advocacy
      1. Evelyn Roundstone: Indian advocacy committee has discussed getting together, setting up a website. One topic of discussion is the SSS student transition from community college to university
    • Government relations
      1. Notes from Ray Carlisle read by Dan Benge
        • COE trying to get funds into next grant completion funded through CCRA (College Cost Reduction Act). Need to work on this
        • Policy seminar – People need to be a part of it, working in trio = working in politics, gives a better sense of what TRIO is all about, Fact book really is “holy grail”
        • Latest grant competition, cut off = 86 points; some programs were lost; top scores are funded; need to increase the budget for TRIO so more programs can get funded; really frustrating when we see lots of new initiatives for improving education; white house wants to see things that are innovative, Robert Rodriquez in white house kept saying we want to be doing things “like TRIO”
        • TRIO advisory committee meets with government office, MT is small so voices speak loud.
          1. Amy Verlanic: attended conference in big effort to bring together all causes across state and draw attention to the defunding of SSS programs, should draft a letter on letter head saying we are opposed to what happened to SSS program. Announcement made in an unethical way, purposely waited to announce it before recess because no one would be around. Highly recommend that Indian Advocacy get together and draw attention to what happened. COE is tracking what is going on and is raising hell.
          2. Dan Benge: They are realizing there are some technical errors. This is important, example: ½ point can get Bozeman SSS refunded. There is no formal appeals process. Amazingly there are programs across the country and in Montana who have not submitted an APR.
          3. Tracy McDonald: Next grant is Talent Search. We need to send grant writers to workshops and conferences. This is critical as grant is very technical now, one little detail can make a difference. Need to know what to look for.
          4. Amy Verlanic: It’s truly a competition. Dept. of Ed. has to have a way to cut somewhere, 11 programs were defunded due to page limit error
          5. Dan Benge: Everyone needs to understand it’s not the TRIO part of the Dept. of Ed. that is the problem.
    • State initiative: See above notes from Ray Carlisle as read by Dan Benge.
    • Finance
      1. Russ Lamson reports that the Best Practices Conference-brought in 5,000 from the conference, we have to pay for presidents per diem and lodging in Salt Lake City. State Conference cleared about $1400 dollars. Indian advocacy did not spend any money. State initiative budget took a hit due to Best Practices Conference, we took a hit, over estimated attendance, 50 attended. TRIO achievers expenditures were low as most of those costs were rolled over in to the conference budget.
  7. Old Business
    • Tracy wanted to know if they get last year’s budget and this year’s budget. Amy clarifies what the budget was originally set for (the AHEC) conference. Bart asks if they could still spend last year’s budget and then get this year’s, Amy explains that committees need to put their budget together and submit it to current president. Amy then applauds Lynn Farris for her efforts in the Best Practice Conference and hopes people don’t get caught up in the numbers. Russ Lamson wants to know if there is going to be a second conference. Discussion ensued between Dan, Lynn, Tracy, and Russ. Good participation from OCHE. Dan’s thought was maybe to tie that conference to our State conference to include state legislators. Heather Licht thinks it’s a good idea.
  8. New Business
    • Mike McLean brings up should we have a two year term as State President and Secretary/Treasurer. Michelle Christianson says sure if she survives the first year with success. Zach Hawkins says he can see both sides, there should be more discussion. There is no president elect under this model, so those duties get farmed out. The states need to decide what is best as a collective whole. Mike asks for thoughts from the gallery. Heather Licht asks if it can be either or. Dan says it is still a 3 year commitment. Russ shares concerns that first year is rough, 2nd year is almost fun, thinks that it is a big difference between 2 years as secretary in comparison to president. Mentoring is really big for both positions, much more travel for the president. Zach wants a smoother transition. Thanks to both Russ and Mike for meeting with Michelle and Zach. Tracy thinks it would be great if those who have retired would like to serve in a position. Dan says Ray Carlisle is doing that as we speak. But they may not be able to hold the office; we might have to change the bylaws. Tracy thinks we should get a camping theme for Ray’s retirement present. Mike says we need to stay in touch with each other.A my makes a motion that Tracy McDonald be charged with organizing a gift for Ray.  Bart Boggess 2nded.  Barb waters that we table this discussion until Tuesday.
  9. Mike calls for recess of the meeting at 5:46.
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Cheyenne, Wyoming
Little America Hotel
October 12
th,  2010
4:51 p.m.

Mike McLean calls the meeting to order. Quorum established.

New Business Continued

Mike does a quick recap of yesterday’s meeting. Mike suggests that the two year term discussion be tabled. Zach Hawkins asks for a motion that we table this until the State Conference in Feb. on the 2nd and 3rd. There are many facets that are involved in this decision that need a longer time to deliberate upon. Dugan Coburn is not here and he should be involved in the discussion. Barb Waters thinks it’s a good idea. Lynn says don’t forget about the president elect- elect position and that we really haven’t given that idea a chance. Zach agrees. Theresa Rader moves that we table the discussion. Barb Waters seconds. Call for the question. Motion passes.

Mike Mclean talks about special guests who are here at the conference. He mentions Heath Alexander, Angelica Valpanoda, and Heather Valentine. Mike introduces Heath Alexander and asks him to talk about Fair Share . Heath works for COE which does direct lobbying of congress for TRIO programs. Heath is a former Talent Search student and since some of Heaths own brothers and sisters did not go to college, Heath’s nieces and nephews are first generation college going students and Talent Search program participants. Heath explained benefits of the Fair Share program for COE and how it makes possible for COE to provide advocacy for TRIO programs including the sending of personnel to conferences to speak. In addition, COE donates money to the producing of the “holy grail” our TRIO fact book and sponsors grants for advocacy access. Heath feels it is an honor to go from being a student in one of our programs to his work now in the grassroots efforts lobbying for TRIO and presenting at grant writing workshops. COE employees also donate to Fair Share.

Zach Hawkins asks Heath to update us about the TRIO Alumni project. NTAA (National TRIO Alumni Association) is in the formative stages. They are presently testing to ensure we have the correct band width to support the site. Aisha Richardson, former assistant to Arnold Mitchum will be the contact person for the project. Such former TRIO alum who are involved in the project include Senior Vice President and attorney Steve Pembroke, search engine vice president , Oracle company Rich Nemick. Dan Benge mentions that each project can start gathering alumni information so that when NTAA is ready to go so will we . Lynn Farris asks Heath if he would be willing to come to the Best Practices Conference. Heath says he would love to but will have to check his schedule. Mike Mclean thanks Heath.

There is talk about the State conference and how we need people to help with the tasks of the conference. First is C Vent. Theresa Rader offers to help, Heather Licht wants to know what C Vent is. Barb Waters explains. Heather asks what the specific duties are in regards to helping with C Vent. The next area is programs and ads. Gina Meyer from U of M Western will help. Michelle and Amanda will help with getting speakers for session. (Ideas, ADHD, Financial Aid Sessions, Education Cents, MGSLP, Gate Keepers Training, etc.) Help with food (Brandon and Chris). Hospitality-Honor Song for TRIO, Tracy MacDonald is volunteered). Legislator’s reception-Russ Lamson, Silent Auction/Raffle-Mike Mclean, Mike McGarvey, Jacie. TRIO Achiever Luncheon or Dinner-Rhonda and Jacie.

Mary Howard from SAF-Grad Ready Program is on 5 Campuses online with reporting capabilities. Extends invitation to other campuses that might want to join in the program. Angela from Blackfeet community college is doing fabulous with their students, Kudos Angela! Angela explains some of the kinks of the program but says that 100% of participants thought it was worthwhile. Also, Mary Howard offers to present and to work on the committees at conference. Heather Licht asks what age this program is appropriate for. Mary goes through the ins and outs of some of the program features.

Mike McLean hands it over to Zach. Zach talks about branding, and maybe about doing a TRIO License plate. $2,500 dollar start up costs and Zach will do more research on the subject and present it at a later date. Bring ideas for designs just in case to the state meeting.

Mike makes his closing speech on volunteering for offices. Ask for help, be organized. Think about offices and running and serving on one. Thank you to everyone that helped him during his tenure. Thanks to Russ and John, and welcome to Zach and Michelle.

President Elect Report.

Zach takes the reins and explains that we need to educate as many people as we can on the importance of TRIO.

  • Reflections on San Diego COE Conference
  • Alumni
  • Partnerships in State SAF/Know How 2 Go/MGSLP/Policy Advisory Subcommittee
  • Changing Attitudes/Landscape regarding 4 year colleges/universities
  • Updating State Membership
  • Revisiting /Updating Operational Guideline
  • TRIO Branding
  • Telling the story/Convincing the skeptics


Barb Waters talks on the Fact Book that she and Ray are working on. Please send in APR Data and Student Success Stories. We have a new McNair program. Examples on gathering Alumni Story.

Mike says the U of M Western crew will be working on the alumni association. Zach and Michelle thank Russ and Mike for their service to ASPIRE. Zach suggests a motion be made to adjourn. Barb so moves. Brandon seconds it. Meeting adjourned. 5:47 p.m.

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Montana Chapter of ASPIRE
State Meeting Minutes
Helena, MT

February 3-5, 2009

    1. Call Meeting to Order – Quorum established
    2. Appoint Parliamentarian: Angelina Levandowski accepts
    3. Approval of Minutes:
      • Call for comments – None
      • Call for amendments – None
      • Gretchen Brien moves to approve
      • Rob Rust Seconds


      • Minutes Approved
    1. Committee Reports :

      • Governmental Relations


        • Dan Benge – Discussion on state initiative, TRIO Fact Book moving along, still waiting for data from few SSS programs.  Need to complete TRIO Fact Book soon.  Dan asks if we need to order additional TRIO Fact books. Dan and Barb propose increasing fact book budget to $1400 to buy more books. The more we buy the cheaper it is.


        • Ray Carlisle – Each project gets 20 copies.  Still need names and addresses in order to send out Fact Books.  If projects need more Fact Books need to let Ray or Barb know.  Ray explains MT TRIO Advisory Committee and what it does.
        • Dan says extra fact books are $1.50 each.
      • Indian Advocacy Committee


        • Evelyn Roundstone, Chief Dull Knife: Indian Affairs Committee needs to be on the agenda at meetings.  Committee talked about tribal college funding being cut. Also about how more Native American students are starting to major in fields other than social sciences.  Tribal College presence important at meetings and on agenda.  Discussed having TRIO Reception at AHEC.


      • Membership Committee


        • Mica Slaven-Lamothe:  Thank you to those who sent in membership. Currently have 63 non-members. Explained that there are many levels of membership. See her about Project membership.
      • Alumni Committee:
        • Angelina Levandowski – Need to get Alumni association going.  Stops and starts. Make effort to keep it going.  Way to help stay connected with other TRIO students. Brainstormed ideas:
          1. Need to create mission statement
          2. Ask Barb Sullivan to use ASPIRE website as a place to launch Alumni Association.Possibly launch TRIO Alumni website off Facebook web page. Place to post event and info.
        • Dan Benge: Suggests checking into using COE database
        • Gretchen Brein:  Suggests as possible avenue.
        • Florence Garcia – excited to be working on alumni committee. Encouraged others to get involved. Holly Barnett and Darlene Sampson express interest in joining committee
    1. Introductions
    2. BREAK
    3. RuthAnne: Thanks Barb Sullivan for doing state website.  Make sure to let Barb know about updates
    4. RuthAnne:  We now have 501c3 status through region.  Should we incorporate.  Ray  Carlisle says “yes”
    5. RuthAnne: Americorps Vista opportunity.
      • Not written Vista grant yet.
      • 3 year commitment.
      • Cost MT aspire 8000 over 3 years.
      • Goals for Vista Grant:
        1. Organize UB Olympics
        2. Expand SSS and EOC
        3. Help plan state meeting
        4. Gather info for alumni.
      • Future goal to have someone in Helena for TRIO advocacy.
      • It will be a group commitment.
      • Dan: We need to vote on it due to financial commitment.
      • Ray: What point would we be committed? Do we vote now or later?
      • RuthAnne: We can vote now.
      • Dan: In 3 years time we need to make sure we have the resources to support expenditure.
      • Ray: Timetable?
      • RuthAnne:  April 1
      • Ray: See need for committee to flush out Vista persons role.
      • Would be good to have vista to help state president.
      • Mica is point of contact.
      • Rene Dubay: Would be happy to help.
      • RuthAnne:  Let’s do it though e-business.
    6. E-business:

      • Operational Guidelines
    1. Treasurers Report

      • RuthAnne presents Conference budget report
      • Barb Sullivan:  State initiative line seems low
      • Committee expenses:
        • Governmental Relations: Put Holly Barnett into budget to go to COE. She will go in place of RuthAnne
        • Indian Affairs:  400-900 put in budget for reception at AHEC.  Tracy McDonald: AHEC will be in Missoula.  Hasn’t been in MT for 10 years.  Nice time to put on a reception for college presidents to promote TRIO.  Reception will be at Holiday Inn.  Present presidents small gift from TRIO.  Can still attend AHEC if not a member, open to all.  Let Tracy know if going.  RuthAnne:  IA has not asked for money for many years.  Rene Dubay:  We have AHEC TRIO portal to connect tribal colleges.
      • Ray Carlisle:  Talks about memorial for Deb Yarlott.  Explains how he wrote a personal check. In budget as a reimbursement item.  RuthAnne:  Put a designated amount in budget for future memorial or retirement.
      • RuthAnne:  Call for discussion and/or amendments
      • Dan:  change state initiative amount to $3350 to cover additional TRIO Fact Books
      • Angelina:  When does Vista expense get added?  RuthAnne: Not in budget; will be discussed in e-business.
      • Ray moves to accept
      • Dan seconds
      • Motion Passes
    1. Other business?
      • Heather Licht – Brought copy of photo journal created by UB students.  Encourage people to take one.  Contact her if any questions.
    1. Closing Remarks:
      • RuthAnne:  Thank you to all who helped.  Be sure to fill out evaluations
    1. Elections
      • President-Elect-Elect:


        • Mica Slaven-Lamonthe Nominates Mike McLean
        • Dianne Hanna – Seconds
        • Vote Taken
        • Mike McLean accepts
      • Secretary / Treasurer:
        • Lynn Farris – Nominates Russ Lamson
        • Brandon McClain – Seconds
        • Vote Taken
        • Russ accepts
    1. Angelina Levandowski thanks RuthAnne for work on conference
    2. Meeting Adjourns
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April 9, 2008
Butte, MT, Finlen Hotel


    1. Ellen Swaney updates on Indian Education for all.


      • Need presence at the Legislature


      • Need presence at Board of Regents if they are on your campus.


      • Continued unmet need is rising, we are low income state.


      • Revising Indian education waiver brochure


      • Starting a committee that looks at revising Indian Issue Committee


    1. Meeting called to order at 3:41pm, by Mica Slaven-Lamothe


      • Plaque presented to Jamie Schell for her service as Past President


      • Minutes moved by Rob Rust seconded by Alan Addison motion passed


      • Treasurers’ report by Brandon McLean passed out wait until tomorrow to approve


    1. Committee Reports

      • Governmental Relations Ray Carlisle Fact Book discussion ensued, Barb Sullivan Trio Facts should be given to principles, counselors and superintendents.
      • State TRiO Policy Advisory Committee


        • Have a chance to listen to state education policy makers


        • Shelia Sterns, Commissioner of Higher Education, was asked by Board of Regents of the Taylor Plan, a private businessman if this is a good solution for Montana?


        • We need to step up our role as advocates for low income first generation students
      • State Initiative grant,


        • Tonight we have an opportunity to speak to our legislatures about TRiO; we need to know our legislatures on a first name basis.


        • Florence Garcia went to a conference about mediation in Florida. There is a movement to bring this issue into the national arena.



      • Membership report given by Jamie Schell


        • Information was needed for regional report.


        • Initiatives, opportunities for TRIO can buy last years membership, contact Dawn Eckhart at UND in Grand Forks.


        • Increasing membership categories from 3 to 5


        • University of Great Falls as an Institutional member


        • Two new Programs at Montana Tech


        • New Program with Chief Dull Knife


        • Student Assistant Foundation


        • Current we have 100 members in MT ASPIRE on track with last year


        • 12 out of 18 Institutional Membership


        • Correlation exists between institutional membership and program membership; it is only 100 dollars and is grant granted funds.


        • Membership must be paid to get Project Registration


        • Discussion ensued about the need for leadership


        • Jamie Schell, Ray Carlisle, Michael Wade and Mica Slaven- Lamothe spoke of their experiences and donating time to be leaders.


    1. E Business

      • Discussion in regards to E Business


      • Mike McGarvey spoke on which version to use


      • Dan Benge said we have a version that is operating procedure


      • Voting, quorums, all an issue as to what E Business needs to be addressed and understood by membership.


      • Mike McGarvey will give us an update in Fargo.


    1. Mission Statement on the website is not current; we need to update our mission statement on web site.

  1. Meeting Recessed at 4:44 until business meeting tomorrow
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April 9, 2008
Meeting back in Session at 2:51
Lead by Amy Verlanic in Mica Slaven Lamothes’ absence.

    1. Treasurer Report
      • A motion to approve the treasures report was moved by Rob Rust


      • Seconded by Barb Sullivan


      • Motion Passed
    1. Nominations for President Elect
      • Ruthanne Shope nominated by Dan Benge


      • Seconded by Zach Hawkins


      • Motion to close, by Brian Pilcher


      • Acclamation by Ray Carlisle


    1. President Elect Elect
      • Holly Jo Barnett, nominated by Dana Cotton


      • Seconded by Ruthanne Shope


      • Holly Accepts
      • Darlene Sampson by Dan Benge


      • Rob Rust Seconded


      • Darlene Sampson Accepts
      • Discussion by Benge to vote president elect elect via e business


      • Darlene Sampson withdrew her nomination


      • Discussion ensued about leadership roles and MT Tech


      • Rob Rust motioned to close for President Elect Elect


      • Brian Pilcher asked to vote by Acclamation


      • Holly Jo Barnett is our new President Elect Elect


    1. Secretary / Treasurer
      • Russ Lamson was nominated by Mike McLean


      • Seconded by Dan Benge


      • Russ Lamson accepted the nomination


      • Brandon McLean moved to close nominations


      • Seconded by Zach Hawkins


      • Amy Verlanic asked for vote by acclamation


      • Joseph Jessepe seconded the motion of acclamation


      • Russ Lamson is our new Secretary / Treasurer


    1. Membership Categories
      • Emeritus Member for retired for ASPIRE members.
        Amy Verlanic motion for acceptance of the new categories
        Dan Benge seconded the motion.


      • All in favor 47 members for none opposed. Motion passes.


    1. Amy spoke in regards to getting a vista in the region. If the MT Aspire uses resources to hire 1,200.00 hiring for UB Olympics, symposium, TRiO day opportunities.
      • A committee will be appointed.


    1. Membership
      • Jamie Schell will work on memberships to see if they fell within project membership.


    1. Evaluations
      • Will be used to help with us next year.


    1. Gretchen Obrien and Holly Jo Barnett were recognized for help in the Trio Achievers luncheon.

    1. Joe Jessepe mention about committees via e mail.
      • Mica Slaven -Lamothe will e mail committees to the membership.


    1. E Business
      • Mike McGarvey, spoke to the need of the minutes up to date on line . Discussion ensued about E business. It was decided that we stick with the current verbage in the by laws, then Mike McGarvey will change and present in October in Fargo.


  1. Mica Slaven- Lamothe moved to close
    • Dan Benge seconded the motion
    • Meeting Adjourned at 4 pm
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Montana Chapter of Aspire
State Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2007
Denver, CO

    1. The meeting was called to order by Jamie Schell at 4:09 P.M.
    2. Discussion on the College Reduction Act. Amy Verlanic contributed along with Rene Dubay. It Impact what happens on Campus.
    3. RuthAnne Shope spoke about College Career Fair in Missoula being that Angelina Lavendoski was unable to attend. Missoula did a great job at trying something new. Not sure what direction we will take in the future. Heather SKC spoke of her program being the journalist for the conference. Afternoon put together a power point presentation, and newsletter was forwarded to each project.
    4. Budget with TRiO Achievers added to trio activity , move to approve budget amended with change in expenses listed knowing that trio achievers for state meeting. Motion Ruthanne, second by Brian Pilcher. Passed.
    5. Ray Carlisle spoke of the need to have voice in education in the state of Montana. We all need to see a bigger picture. Start of State TriO advisory Committee. John Stoddard, Flo Garcia, Shelia Sterns, Commissioner, also open to feedback. How do keep on top of this? We need a vehicle to gather input from all projects. Rene Dubay spoke , said shelia sterns, Governors office wants info on our programs.
    1. Amy Verlanic, spoke of Ad that was in binder in error. Montana Minds is a $6,500 money for Trio Students out of 136 only 4 Trio Students applied. Please have students apply for this opportunity.
    1. Thank you to Illene for being Secretary/ Treasurer.
    1. Jamie thanked all of the State for their support during her Presidency. Urged all people to think about running for office.
    1. Mica Sloven Lomoth, thanked Illene and Jamie for their great job and state meeting and all work during the year.
    1. Mica Sloven Lamtoth spoke of her background in TRIO, thanks to all of who helped her to this point. Want to have a strong organization from top to bottom.
    1. Dan Benge asked to everyone for self Introductions, as many new faces.
    1. Ray Carlisle mentioned to update e mail addresses for state members on web site.
    1. Mica discussed briefly state meeting, it will be determined and people who may want to be on the committee to join.
    1. Our state table, newcomers will sit at the banquet
  1. Adjoun of meeting, Mica
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Montana Chapter of ASPIRE Conference
State Meeting
September 30, 2007

    1. Meeting called to order by Jamie Schell, Rob Rust agreed to be parlitarian of the meeting

    1. Approval of state meeting minutes- Be consistent with Jamie’s spelling of her name, acceptance of minutes with the 2 changes, Rob Rust so moved, seconded by Ray Carlisle.

      Welcome Dave McGuire- University of Maine
    1. Treasurer’s report-

Net revenue is $392.97 for the year. Rebates are twice a year for regional memberships. Jamie will ask Krisan to recode the $340.83 into state meeting expenses.

    1. President’s report- Jamie Schell

UB and UB Math Science Competitions- Lynn Ferris FVCC project was not slotted in May, 97 existing projects did not get re-funded. Scott Amendment, language that came out was about absolute priority and research groups- still need to fight this battle. Funded for 4 years, 3% increase that everyone got

Math Science Upward Bound- Brian Pilcher, felt points were lost on reader’s unfamiliarity with TRIO regulations, introduce variability in scoring. Brian has been working on form from COE for programs that have been de-funded and plans to re-submit. Will rely on COE’s opinion on whether there is a case to have grant re-read. Missoula and Bozeman both submitted for McNair programs and neither was funded.

Dan Benge is running for ASPIRE presidency for next year.

    1. Regional Board Meeting- Annual report

      Committee reports- Publication packet and institutional members- reports submitted by Angelina L. and presented by Jamie. 111 regional members, 11 out of 15 institutional members, 20 out of 27 project memberships. Jamie will take responsibility for getting information out of members about information about the different memberships to present to their campuses.
      Ray Carlisle- Government relations- house passed a higher education re-authorization bill but it doesn’t look like the senate will so it will be coming up. We have been 9 years without re-authorization. State FACT book- Rocky Mountain Colllege-4 year SSS, Dawson Community College- 2 year SSS program, FVCC-Upward Bound, MSU Billings for Talent Search or Butte Talent Search- due in January with black and white high resolution photo. State Trio advisory committee needs to be formed and get going.


      Education Policy session tomorrow at 11 is important information for all of us.
      Ronda Mason- Indian Advocacy committee- purpose is to culture and concerns of students from tribal community colleges with others. Erin Poorbeard, incoming state president for South Dakota- leader of multi-cultural committee for region
      New upward bound program at Chief Dullknife College and Upward bound in Butte has 2 new programs.
      Jamie presented at the State Leaders caucus on the factbook and other leaders from other states presented what is working in their states. This took place at the COE national conference. It was a honor to be recognized by COE as a leader in this area for the state. COE grant to match printing costs on factbook is October 15.


      Regional conference details and elections- raffle tickets, silent auction items
    1. Old Business:

Student Leadership congress- there will not be one this fall, the next one will be in fall of 08. need to identify a chair for this event so talk to Mike Wade if you are interested.

501(c)(3) – Angelina filed and we are now considered a non-profit organization. We don’t have to pay income tax on revenue we generate at state meetings.

    1. New business-

      Region sponsored table at COE regional conference at a cost of $5,000 for this past year. Trying now to compensate for the cost of that at this time, want states to purchase tables at this conference to recover half of the cost of the table at the national conference. Ray made a motion to allocate $500 and Brian Pilcher seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  1. Barb moved to adjourn, Renee seconded it to adjourn.





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Montana Chapter of ASPIRE State Meeting
April 5, 2007

    1. Meeting called to order by Jamie Schell
    2. Minutes from the October 8th and 9th meeting were handed out and approval for minutes was asked for by Jamie Schell.

Motion to approve was made by: Ray Carlisle, Seconded by: Bob Haddock

(Amy Verlanic requested changes to the minutes after the meeting as she was not present at the time the minutes were approved, minutes were changed as requested).

    1. The 2006-2007 budget was passed and approval was asked for by Jamie Schell.

Correction made in the income category under income registration fees- the anticipated income is $4,000 not $40,000.

Motion to approve budget with correction was made by: Rob Rust, Seconded by: Bud Sather

    1. Treasurer’s report:

Ilene Cohen reported that the only state expense that she has processed was a reimbursement to Ray Carlisle for his dinner with Arnold Mitchem in September.

A request was made to get a summary of expenses from Krisan Crow but that had not been received by the time of the meeting.

    1. Presentation of Montana TRIO Fact Book

Ray Carlisle asked that each project take 10 books to give out as needed. EOC programs should take more as needed.

The cost of the printing of the booklets was $1,196. Thanks to the Billings crew for taking care of this.

There was a suggestion made that at the annual COE conference that a session be held about the making and distribution of the booklets.

Suggestions for next year’s booklet: Better achievement stats for future booklets, Meaningful outcome stats from APR data, Race/ethnicity/eligibility numbers, Information about the Absolute Priority, Schools and counties we serve. Email fact book ideas to Ray Carlisle

    1. Government Relations Report

Ray talked about the survival of UB/TS and the re-authorization of the Higher Education Act. Mt. TRIO Advisory committee met in December. Florence Garcia, Jon Stannard, Ray Carlisle, Jami Schell and Rene Dubay serve on this committee. This committee and the issues they address need to have more of a presence to have an impact at the state level. There is more information about this committee in Jami’s quarterly report.

    1. Nominations for President elect and secretary/treasurer:

Angelina Levandowski nominated Lisa Coon for Secretary/treasurer. Debra Yarlott seconded the nomination Nomination accepted by Jami Schell

Brian Pilcher nominated Heather D’Orazio for Secretary/treasurer. Ilene Cohen seconded the nomination Nomination accepted by Jami Schell

RuthAnne Shope nominated Brandon McLean for Secretary/treasurer. Zach Hawkins seconded the nomination Nomination accepted by Jami Schell

Florence Garcia moved to cease nominations and Bud Sather seconded. Election for secretary/treasurer will be held tomorrow

RuthAnne Shope nominated Darlene Samson for President elect/elect. Darlene accepted the nomination under the condition that Bud Sather comes to the state meeting she has to run and help with parliamentary procedure. Ilean Gladstone seconded the nomination.

Rob Rust moved to close the nominations. Ray Carlisle seconded.

The vote was unanimous in favor of Darlene Samson as the next president elect/elect.

    1. Meeting adjourned until tomorrow.
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Montana Chapter of ASPIRE State Meeting
April 6, 2007

Meeting called back to order by Jamie Schell

      Committee Reports (continued)


    1. Membership committee:

Angelina Levandowski reported that there are 105 members in the region. 20 out of 27 projects have paid their project membership and Angelina has plans to follow up with the others. Her next push will be institutional memberships to COE.

    1. Indian Advocacy:

Ronda Mason spoke on behalf of the committee. She recognized Mike Jetty for his participation in the opening ceremonies and in the conference. She talked about the AIHEC website and helping with it. She encouraged tribal colleges to contact her with information. There was a suggestion made for the tribal colleges to bring their displays with them next conference. Another suggestion was made to have Wayne Stein, MSU professor, as a presenter at our next conference.

    1. Old Business
      • Articles of incorporation- Amy Verlanic presented information about COE’s push for each state to register as a state association. Angelina took the initiative on this and Jami has followed up. This does not make us a 501.3C however. Jami Schell is working on this and Darlene Samson volunteered to help. Darlene knows an attorney who would help with this. Another resource for an attorney will be at the regional board meeting in May where one will be available. The 501.3C status would allow Montana Aspire to go after more monies in state as well as resources and benefits.
      • Email business has been officially added to our by-laws. Barb Sullivan requested that a copy of the language on this be emailed to her and she would add it to the web site so people could print a copy or review it.
      • Montana Aspire Wrap-Up- Bud Sather has been the holder of the archives of the state and since he is retiring he asked for a volunteer. Amy Verlanic will store them at Montana Tech. There was a discussion of housing them at the Museum of the West at some point in the future.
    1. New Business
    • TRIO Day Activities- Jami will send information about the different things people did for TRIO day to the membership.
    • Aspirations Newsletter- the deadline is Thursday, April 12. Please submit articles to Jami who will forward them to Russ.
    • On Line directory- send changes to Barb Sullivan
    • COE National Policy Seminar- Angelina talked about her contacts with Senator Tester’s office and Representative Rehberg. Senator Tester has set up a phone call with Secretary Spellings office to support increase funding for TRIO programs. She also reported that Senator Backus’ aide is confident he will sign on to the letter. Great work Angelina.
    • Secretary/Treasurer election: Brandon McLean was elected. Congratulations.
    • Robbie Sullivan bid farewell to Bud Sather on behalf of Montana Aspire.
    • Rene Dubay bid farewell to Bob Haddock on behalf of Montana Aspire. We all wish you luck and lots of happiness.
  1. Meeting adjourned


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Montana Chapter of ASPIRE
State Meeting Agenda
Sunday, October 8, 2006

    1. Call meeting to order – Angelina Levandowski
    2. Pass out moderator packets to volunteers – Diane Jordon
    3. Minutes from the State Meeting, April 3 & 4, 2006 were passed out and approval for minutes was asked for by Angelina Levandowski.

Changes to Minutes:

        • Rene Dubay was added to the list for attending COE Policy Seminar.
        • A correction to the spelling of Rob Russ was made to Rob Rust.
        • Correction of Rob Rust’s name should have been Bud Sather in the call for nominations section.

Motion to Approve Minutes made by: Marty Foxman Seconded by: Ray Carlisle


    1. Treasurer’s Report

State Budget was presented by Annette Kankelborg Motion to Approve: Dan Benge Seconded: Ray Carlisle

    1. Committee Report:

      1.  Presidents Report – Angelina Levandowski
        Angelina introduced Jamie Schell, Talent Search Director at the Commissioner’s Office of Higher Education as the new State President and Ilene Cohen, Assistant Director Student Support Services, U of M Western as the new Secretary/Treasurer, and Mica Slaven-LaMothe, Director, Math Science Upward Bound, as the new President-Elect.
        Angelina announced that this was the end of Dan Benges’ 3 year commitment as, President Elect, President, and Past President. Angelina thanked Dan for all the outstanding work he has done for the State of Montana, especially all his governmental relations and keeping everyone informed on the current status of TRiO programs in Washington D.C.


      1. Treasurer’s Report
        State Budget was presented by Annette Kankelborg Motion to Approve: Dan Benge Seconded: Ray Carlisle


      1. Presidents Report/Regional Update: Angelina Levandowski
        Annual Report – Presidents/Report will be given at the State meeting in Helena.
        Angelina thanked Lynn Farris and her staff for all the work they did in putting the Regional Conference together. Angelina thanked Barb Sullivan for all of her work with the website and keeping it up to-date for everyone.
        Dr. Arnold Mitchum visited Montana this past summer and was able to go to the Office of Commissioner of Higher Education and meet with Sheila Sterns. Angelina gave an update about the regional Board Meeting.
        The Regional Student Leadership Congress needs 88 students to attend in order to make budget. The Student Leadership Congress will be in Riverton, Wyoming and will cost $125.00 per student. The region is looking for someone to chair Student Leadership Congress next year. If anyone is interested, please let Angelina know.
        Maureen Hoyler, COE Vice President gave a presentation to the regional board regarding the Upward Bound Absolute Priorities that are required in the new Upward Bound grant cycle and what is required to participate in the evaluation.
        Hans, one of the contracted evaluators, is going to present the study on the effectiveness of Upward Bound and the methodology that is going to be used.
        Amy Verlanic said that the methodology proposed is not an appropriate in an educational study involving human subjects. She encouraged everyone to attend the meeting and question Hans.
        Florence Garcia said she doesn’t think that being antagonistic is the appropriate venue to present to Hans as he is an educational professional.
        Amy Verlanic supported this thought and stated that this is the message that COE is also supporting.
        Angelina Levandowski talked about wanting the plan to be equitable.
        Dan Benge said that he wants to know what he is looking for? What is this methodology he is looking for. Data is already available. Mathematic Study – If students did have aspirations was based on one question.
        Rob Rust stated his concern that this is not going to be limited to Upward Bound.
        Ray Carlisle posed the situation that this could happen is SSS and to imagine signing up double SSS students and on serving ½ and asking the ½ to be a control group.
        Amy Verlanic said the battle is not that we don’t want to participate but how do you ensure that this is ethical.


      1. Membership Report: Dan Benge
        74 professional members of ASPIRE. Encourage staff to renew membership and encourage students to be members. Goal is to get 20 student members. Dan and Angelina are off the charts for support.
        Project membership $100 goes to region. Project funds can be used to pay Project Membership.
        Personal memberships can be paid out of In-Directs or personal funds but not out of grant funds.


      1. Governmental Relations: Ray Carlisle
        Twelve Day War – 1983, we are now dealing with an administration determined to eliminate TRiO. This administration has tried to eliminate both Upward Bound and Talent Search. We need to get information out, the Higher Education Act has not been reauthorized in the last two years. Hopefully after the election in November we can get the Higher Education Act re-authorized.
        State associations will become as important as regional associations. Meeting in Helena is another opportunity to present ourselves to the legislature to gain support. Please encourage all ASPIRE members to attend.
        TRiO Fact Book- 2007 § Number of Students by ethnicity § Break-down by eligibility § We need this information by December


      1. Indian Advocacy – Angelina Levandowski
        Angelina thanked Deborah Yarlott for the putting together the opening ceremony.
        Function of the Indian Advocacy – How many natives are students Support from Tribal Governments.


    1. Old Business

        • E-Business – Mike McGarvey

Wayne Davis – Web Blog – Message Board


        Robbie Sullivan – When do we call for a question?


        Dan Benge – We do have it in our minutes that we can conduct e-business


        Rob Rust – Propose we accept this.


        RuthAnne Shope – Seconded


      Barb Sullivan is willing to set up discussion board.
  • Angelina Levandowski – Filed the $20.00 fee to set up as a state regional organization.
    Non-profit status will be worked on by: Brandon McLean Darlene Jordan Dan Benge
  • Re-imbursement request for Ray Carlisle: Coordinated dinner for Arnold Mitchum, Pat Williams and Rene Dubay and paid for this out of his own pocket. Motion to reimburse: Rob Rust Seconded: Dan Benge
  • Heather Licht – Announcement Rose will be going to Boise to direct Youth Empowerment. Heather is taking up a collection for anyone who would like to put in for a going away gift.
  • Meeting Adjourned


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Montana Chapter of ASPIRE
State Meeting Minutes
Monday, October 9, 2006

Jamie Schell called the meeting to order.

Montana members voiced their appreciation for Angelina Levandowski for her year in the presidency and all her hard work.

Carol Gritts gave an overview of project membership and that this is an allowable cost for programs. The goal for the coming year is to have 20 student members from our state.

    1. Old Business


      1. State Meeting

It is not possible to pick dates at this time as we want to strategically plan our meet around the legislature. There needs to be a decision about what our objectives are in meeting with the legislators and that will decide the meeting time and activities.

Jamie will survey the membership to find out what people’s needs are in terms of workshops for the conference.

C-Vent registration will be used for the spring conference. Lynn Ferris volunteered to help with the programming of it. The payment part is already taken care of.

      1. TRIO Day Activities:

Jamie asked that each program send a synopsis to her of what they did this year on TRIO day and she will submit it to the Aspirations chair for publication.

      1. COE National Policy Seminar

Jamie and Amy are planning on going at this time. If anyone is planning to attend please let Jamie know and she will coordinate travel plans.

    1. Other items of business

Barb Sullivan asked that programs be responsible for keeping their staff information up to date for the on-line directory. Her email address is

Student Leadership Conference- the registration fee is $125.

General Meeting Adjourned and committees met individually.

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Montana Chapter of ASPIRE State Business Meeting
Monday, April 3, 2006
Approved on 10/8/06 – Missoula, MT

Meeting: April 3, 2006 – 8:30am


Angelina Levandowski, called the meeting to order.

Introduction of Officers: Angelina Levandowski, State President, Jamie Schell, President Elect, and Annette Kankelborg, Secretary/Treasurer

    1. Treasurer’s Report

State Budget was presented by Annette Kankelborg

Motion to Approve: Dan Benge

Seconded: Ray Carlisle

  1. Committee Reports
    1. Membership Report – Dan Benge


Amy Verlanic gave an explanation of membership at both the regional and national level.

      Institutional membership can be paid out of project funds.


      • Regional membership can be paid out of project funds.


      • Subscriptions can be paid out of project funds.


      • Professional memberships can not be paid out of project funds.
    1. Governmental Relations – Ray CarlisleRay thanked Dan Benge for the “TRiO Fact Book”Introduced Sandy Merringer, GEAR UP Director and Annette Walstad, GEAR UP program manager from the Montana Department of Higher Education, and thanked them for attending the conference.


  1. Indian Advocacy – Angelina LevandowskiAngelina introduced Florence Garcia and asked her to join the Indian Advocacy committee.
  • Other Reports
      1. Policy Seminar Update

    COE Policy Seminar, 5 Montana members attended: Dan Benge, Angelina Levandowski, Amy Verlanic and Michelle Watson. Overall Policy Seminar was a success.

    Ray Carlisle wanted to thank Dan Benge for all his work; Dan was successful in getting a commitment from Denny Rehberg.

    Overview of Policy Seminar


        • Novice provision, $100M increase, Restoration of UB/ETS, Hill visits)



        • Department of Ed Update
          (Slating for ETS EOC Competition, SSS APR, Upward Bound/McNair Proposals) Talent Search will be announced at the end of April, 2006.


    1. Upward Bound Olympics – Mike McLean [divider scroll_text=””]


Meeting started:
April 4, 2006 9:30AM
Approved on 10/8/06 – Missoula, MT

    1. Old Business

      1. E-business discussion – Mike McGarvey


Review of approved minutes over e-business

Mike McGarvey gave a report on conducting e-business using the Roberts Rules of Order.


        • E-business requires 25% of the membership



        • E-Business using Roberts Rules of Order was established in 1995.




        • Members are asked to register their presence


        • The secretary will declare either a quorum or without a quorum (25%)


        • Votes are registered within 48 hours.
        • Published vote


          • Appropriate business

Dan Benge stated that the budget needs to be approved 60 days after the State President takes office.


Dan asked Bud Sather if he approved.

Brain Pilcher brought up opposition with the language usage: Roberts Rules of Order; this is a Rule of Motion.

Angelina explained that you would need to be a paid member to receive e-mail for discussion on e-business.

Amy Verlanic asked that we have Mike McGarvey put this together and we could vote on this at the next meeting in the fall, since this would be a change in the by-laws.

Motion to Approve: Rob Rust

Seconded: Tracie McDonald

  1. New Business
      1. Non-profit 501-C3 status for Montana Chapter of ASPIRE

    To Become a State Chapter you need to:

    Amy Verlanic explained what this means for our state:


        • This tells individual state you are real.
        • Then you apply for 501 (c).


          • Own State

    Pros and Cons:



        • Less liability to the Region


        • It would be easier for each state to do fund raising.


        • Each state would be accountable for their own books.


        • Would save 1/7 of what Region pays for accountant.


        • Regional Accountant out to bid at this time.


        • State treasurer would take care of funds.


        • Streamline paperwork.


        • State Initiative.


        • Only ASPIRE and MEOP haven’t become state run.

    Mike McGarvey asked how much do we spend on lobbying?

    Amy Verlanic gave a more detailed explanation.

    Charlene Herron asked who would be in charge of paperwork.

    Dan Benge and Angelina Levandowski.

    State treasurer would be in charge of own paper work.

    RuthAnne Shope gave an explanation of the difference in duties for this office.

    Ilene Cohen believes it costs $600.00 to file for a non-profit.

    Rob Rust motioned to file as an organization. We can look into it and then have the opportunity to file as a 501 (c) or withdraw.

    Motion to move: Robbie Sullivan

    Second: Tracie McDonald

    Lynn Farris called the question:

    Filing $20.00 would become the Secretary/Treasurer duty.

      1. MT TRIO Alumni Association – Amy VerlanicAmy Verlanic wrote a proposal to organize an alumni association, out of the 54 proposals submitted, 4 were granted.This is a $2,000 grant.

        This is to create a stand alone entity

        The first alumni luncheon was held Saturday, April 1st, 2006.

        Eleven alumni came for the reception.

        Amy thanked the directors for sending her their alumni information.

        The purpose of this is to teach students to align themselves with TRiO.

        Angelina Levandowski stated we need to tap into our alum in order to prove our success.

        Heather Licht wanted a definition of how you define the information needed.  What information are you looking for? TRiO directors need to define who their alum is.

        Angelina Levandowski asked if this money would be part of the State institution.

        Money was allocated to send student to policy seminar, but didn’t have time.

        Heather Licht does not track by addresses or e-mail and believes most tribal college programs are like this.

        We need to come up with a “blurb” for students as they graduate that would be easy for them to remember.

        Association needs to be alumni driven.

        Regional Conference – Full page add.

        Motion to move: Teri McAnally

        Seconded: Ray Carlisle

        Motion Carries:


    1. Call for Nominations for President Elect:Angelina Levandowski explained what running for a State President requires and the benefits of serving. 
        • Opportunity to serve on Regional Board


        • Three year commitment


        • Traveling to Policy Seminar


      • Term actually will not start until 2008

      Call for Nominations for President Elect:

      Heather Licht explained her barriers to running for president:


        • She loves the State Organization


        • She does not love the structure


      • The organizational structure is torture

      Bud Sather wanted to know where it is stated that it needs to be this way.   When he was president he ran it his own way, and anyone can change it to run their own way.

      Jodi Abbott called for a show of hands of who absolutely wouldn’t run for president elect.

      Angelina Levandowski would like to nominate Mica Slaven-LaMothe

      Angelina Levandowski was asked what are her other commitments?


        • Full time Upward Bound


        • Part-time graduate school


        • Single Parent with a 2 year old


        • Has lots of help


        • Certain sacrifices, but feels she is teaching her son the importance of civic duty and the value of work.


        • Ground work for her son


      • The position is a little bit challenging, but she has had a lot of support.

      How much time per week?

        • Dan Benge and his staff have put a lot of things in place to make the position more streamlined.


      • Most of her time has been spent on putting state meeting together.

      Jamie Schell gave her perspective on this position and the duties of president elect.

      Teri McAnally said we should not just look at seasoned positions.

      Mike McGarvey suggested appointing a nominating committee made up of Angelina Levandowski, Dan Benge, Amy Verlanic and Brian Pilcher.

      Dan Benge stated that there are people in this room that would be great leaders.

      Mica Slaven-LaMothe graciously accepted the position.

    2. Nominations for officersAngelina Levandowski called for nominations for Secretary/Treasurer.Brian Pilcher nominated Ilene Cohen

      Motion to move: Rob Rust

      Seconded: Brian Pilcher

      Any other nominations?

      Put to the question

      Affirmative: All for Mica

      Neighs: None

      Moved that Micas Slaven-LaMothe is the next president elect.

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MT Chapter of ASPIRE State Business Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah
Sunday, October 16, 2005
Approved December 1, 2005 – (Includes changes from E-business discussion 11/3/05 to 11/17/05)
(Changes indicated in red font)

Meeting I: 3:00-4:00 pm

Dan Benge calls the meeting to order.

Dan Benge announces that the minutes from the April 2005 state meeting were sent via email and approved via e-business in May 2005.

Dan Benge gives the Regional Board meeting update.

There is discussion on the different Committee Chairs for the Region including TRIO Day Chair, Publications Chair, Student Leadership Congress Chair, and LDI Chair. The membership is encouraged to get involved in the various opportunities either as a committee chair or as a committee member. It is important that we have Montana representation on every ASPIRE Committee.

Michelle Gasek discusses her role on the Awards Committee.  Dan requests that Michelle continues to serve on this committee again and she accepts the assignment.

Dan reminds everyone that the Student Leadership Congress is coming up.  It will be held in Salt Lake City November 2nd through the 4th. Please contact Kimberly Coon-Domacilio of Salt Lake Community College for more information.

Dan discusses the various types of memberships available to projects and personnel. The differences in Institutional Memberships, Project Memberships and Professional memberships were discussed. Dan explains the importance of Institutional Memberships to support COE efforts and Project memberships to support ASPIRE work. Dan states that as a Membership Chair and a member of the Development Committee, he will be contacting projects and their institutions to encourage them to become active members especially because of the issues TRiO faces in Washington D.C.

Dan announces the idea of including ASPIRE Professional Memberships as a part of the Regional Conference Registration Fee. Discussion takes place about the advantages of this arrangement.

  • Motion #1: Ray Carlisle moves that the Montana Chapter of ASPIRE support the concept that conference registration fees and ASPIRE membership fees be lumped together for future conferences.  Ilene Cohen seconded the motion and the motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Lynn Farris gives some updates on the COE national meeting.

Michelle Watson gives the Treasurer’s report. Financially, MT ASPIRE is solid however; there are a few items that still need to be reconciled from the state meeting. Michelle is working with the RuthAnne Shope, Regional Treasurer, to reconcile the account. There is discussion of whether or not a line item for TRIO Day activities should be added to the state budget.  More specifically, if Flathead Valley should be reimbursed for the receipts they submitted for TRIO Day.

  • Motion#2: Terry McAnally moves that Flathead Valley get paid for TRIO Day activities. Rob Rust seconded the motion and it PASSED. (Florence Garcia abstained.)

Dan Benge gives the President’s report and highlights some major accomplishments including the TRiO Fact Book, the Web Site and a successful state conference.

Angelina Levandowski briefly discusses state planning. She distributes a survey to get ideas for the upcoming 2006 state meeting.

The meeting is adjourned.

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MT Chapter of ASPIRE State Business Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah
Monday, October 17, 2005
Approved December 1, 2005 through e-business

Meeting II: 4:30-6:00 pm

Dan Benge calls the meeting to order.

Dan distributes a sign-up list for volunteers for the regional conference in Missoula.

Dan steps down as Montana ASPIRE President. He thanks everyone for his role. He is now in charge of the membership committee and he gives a brief report. Membership in the state and region has increased. Brian Pilcher distributes a sign-up sheet for people interested in contacting someone that is not a member. Amy Verlanic announces that Montana took 2nd with student memberships and encourages everyone to talk to students about becoming a member.

Angelina Levandowski takes over as President of MT ASPIRE.

Ray Carlisle gives the Governmental Relations Committee report. He talks about the success of the TRIO fact book, he persuades members to be thinking about students for the future fact book and to consider their stories; he encourages programs to volunteer for a project visit from a member of Montana’s congressional delegation and announces that Policy Seminar will be in March.

Angelina gives the Indian Advocacy Committee report. She is looking for someone new to chair the committee.  Please call or email her if interested. She suggests that the committee work on getting tribal colleges to pay membership dues.

Lynn FarrisRegional Conference Chair talks about the 2006 ASPIRE Regional Conference in Missoula, Montana. She will introduce “TRIO Works, Investing in Our Nation’s Future” as the theme to the Regional Board. There is discussion for ideas on decorations, speakers, breakout sessions, entertainment and outings.

Dan Benge talks about E-Business procedures. Bud Sather wants clarification on the Operational Guidelines for E-Business.

  • Motion #1: Lynn Farris moves that there be a 25% quorum added to the Operational Guidelines under Section B: Conducting Business through Email. Heather Licht seconded the motion and the MOTION CARRIED.

Section B now reads: Business may be conducted between state and regional meetings through email. Any items requiring a vote or membership approval will be emailed to all voting members of the Montana Chapter of ASPIRE. Members will have ten days to discuss and respond to any vote able item through email. A 25% quorum will be required to determine the outcome.

  • Motion #2: Bud Sather moves that the $200 line item in the state budget allocated for TRIO Day be used for the state TRIO Achievers at the state conference. Rob Rust seconded the motion and it PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Mike McGarvey states that he has done some research on conducting e-business in regard to Roberts Rules of Order. Dan requests that Mike head a committee to review this information and make recommendations for improving our current system. Mike accepts the role.

Dan Benge discusses needing a corporate development committee chair for ASPIRE. The rationale for having someone from the state is largely due to the State hosting the ASPIRE Conference. Darlene Samson volunteers to chair the committee.

The meeting is adjourned.

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MT Chapter of ASPIRE State Business Meeting/Program Meeting
Helena, Montana
Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Approved Minutes (June 6th 2005)

Meeting I: 8:45-10:00 am

Dan Benge calls the meeting to order.

Dan Benge provides the conference agenda overview and introductions.

Dan Benge gives the president’s welcome. He stresses the need for continued support of the Upward Bound and Talent Search programs on the federal level

The new incoming board elections open. Dan Benge announces that Wallace Bearchum, President Elect has left to take on a new position, and that members must select a new President Elect, an incoming President Elect, and a Secretary Treasurer. Nominations for the incoming MT ASPIRE Board are entertained. No one is nominated or comes forward.


  • Motion #1: Ray moves to hold nominations for the following business meeting on Wednesday April 6, 2005 at 8:00 am.  Donna Hoyt seconded the motion and it PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


Dan Benge announces that Regional President, Steve Bauman has resigned and President Elect, Amy Verlanic will step into his place.

Dan Benge gives the Regional Board Meeting update. The 2006 the Regional Board meeting will be in Missoula, Montana on October 7th – 10th. The Holiday Park Side is reserved for accommodations. Lynn Farris will be Conference Chair. Members are encouraged to volunteer any assistance. Ruth Anne Shope briefly discusses a motion that was passed to create Project Memberships instead of using the term Fair Share.

Michelle Watson gives the Treasurer’s Report.

Dan Benge gives the President’s Report. There is discussion of the new ASPIRE website. It can be located at, and the board would like to find a permanent location for the website. Dan proposes establishing a committee chair person to aid in the planning of future state meetings. Robyn Wingo suggests appointing someone to this position. Dan will check the bylaws to see if the president is allowed to appoint someone on his own.

Charlene Herron and Brian Pilcher give the Membership Committee Report. Membership pins are available to all new members that haven’t received them. Charlene announces that the past president will automatically resume the Membership Committee chair.

Angelina Levandowski gives the Indian Advocacy Report. Dan Benge announces that Angelina is resigning as chair of this committee.

Ray Carlisle gives the Governmental Relations Report. The TRIO Fact Book is discussed along with the importance of programs staying involved in the fight to keep Upward Bound and Talent Search programs alive.

Dan Benge discusses Other Business. He encourages programs to give him any information about TRIO Day events or activities that were held.

The meeting is adjourned.

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MT Chapter of ASPIRE State Business Meeting
Helena, Montana
Wednesday, April 6, 2005

<palign=”center”>Approved Minutes (June 6th 2005)


Meeting II: 8:15-9:15 am

Dan Benge calls meeting to order

Lynn Farris discusses the upcoming 2006 Regional Conference in Missoula. She asks the group for ideas on what they would like to see at the conference.

Please email Lynn Farris with additional ideas for the conference.

The new incoming board elections re-open. Brian Pilcher nominates Annette Kankelborg for Secretary/Treasurer. Annette is not present to accept the nomination.

Brian Pilcher states that she will accept the nomination.


  • Motion #1: Ray Carlisle moves to elect Annette Kankelborg by acclamation. Charlene Herron 2nds and the motion PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


Nominations are taken for the incoming President to replace Wallace Bearchum and for President Elect. Kelly Kirschke nominates Robbie Sullivan. She declines the nomination. Michelle Gasek nominates RuthAnne Shope. She declines the nomination. Amy Verlanic nominates Rosemary Hugs. She declines the nomination. Dan Benge suggests for time to think about nominations. Pearl Yellowman Caye nominates Angelina Levandowski. She declines the nomination.

  • Motion #2: Jane VanDyke moves that the President create a nomination committee of 3 people to recruit a candidate for Incoming President and President Elect. The committee could then release the information by May 30th 2005. Donna Hoyt 2nds the motion and the motion is PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


Discussion takes place about the duties and responsibilities of the officers.

Angelina Levandowski declares her decision to accept the nomination for incoming president to replace Wallace Bearchum.


    • Motion #3: Ray Carlisle moves to elect Angelina Levandowski as incoming President replacing Wallace Bearchum by acclamation. Rob Rust 2nds the motion and the motion is PASSED UNAMIOUSLY.



  • Motion #4:  Mike Miller moves to withdraw motion to create nomination committee.  Rob Rust 2nds the motion and the motion is PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


Mike Miller nominates Jamie Schell for President Elect. She accepts the nomination.

  • Motion #5:  Brian Pilcher moves to elect Jamie Schell as President Elect by acclamation.  Donna Hoyt 2nds the motion and the motions is PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Dan Benge talks about e-business.

  • Motion #6:  Brian Pilcher makes a motion to amend the operational guidelines or bylaws to allow for business by email. A minimum of 10 days will be allowed for response to a proposal. A simple majority of the responses will determine the outcome.

Discussion takes place about what percentage of the members must email in order to make a decision. Concern comes up about every member receiving the e-distribution not just the directors. Dan Benge will create a member distribution list so that everyone will have the opportunity to vote on e-business.

Mary Lukin 2nds Brian Pilcher’s motion and the motion is PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

The meeting is adjourned.

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Montana Chapter of ASPIRE State Meeting
Jackson Lake Lodge, Moran, WY
Meeting I:  3:30- 5:00, Sunday, 10/03/04


Note: The Sunday minutes were lost when the laptop the disc drive failed. Please contact us to restore anything from your report that is not in the minutes. Apologies from Mica and BKP for any omissions.

BKP Pilcher (BKP) calls the meeting to order. He reads the minutes from April meeting and they are approved. Thanks are received from Estelle Hill, who received $750 from the Montana Chapter of ASPIRE to participate in a study abroad program.

BKP gives an update on May Regional Board Meeting: He encourages attendance at regional business meeting and calls attention to regional development paperwork in the registration packets. He encourages State Chapters of ASPIRE to increase membership to a minimum of 50% of TRiO personnel or 10% above current membership levels. There is also a need to provide for student memberships.

Nominations for President Elect and Secretary Treasurer are entertained. RuthAnneShope nominates Wallace Bearchum for President elect. Seconds. Wallace accepts his nomination. Angelina Levandowski nominates Mica Slaven-Lamothe for President Elect. Mica is given until the Tuesday meting to decide if she will accept or decline the nomination.

Michelle Watson is nominated for secretary-treasurer. She accepts the nomination. There are no other candidates and BKP entertains a motion to elect her by acclimation. The motion carries.

Committee chairs give their reports:

Membership- Charlene Herron


Meeting Planning- Dan Benge distributes a survey (yellow) and asks for input on the state meeting next April

Development (Fair Share)- Linda Ornowski

BKP asks members to consider a change from election of state officers at the fall meeting to election at the spring meetings to allow new officers to plan ahead of time to attend the new board training offered before each fall conference. The dates of the terms would not change. We will vote on this at state meeting on Tuesday.

BKP announces there is a need for members on regional committees.

The membership broke out for committee meetings. The membership to reconvene at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday.


Meeting II: 4:30-6:00 pm, Tuesday, 10/05/04

Rene Dubay distributed packets of information about P-20, a pre-K-through-grad school initiative. Rene will be staffing the committee on dual enrollment. Ray Carlisle is involved in the strategic planning process and explained that it is vital that MT ASPIRE/TRiO stakes a place at the table early in the process. Robyn Wingo of EOP at UM-Western announced she is on a P-20 sub-committee looking at the MT writing assessment requirement and she is working on a project offering training to help students prepare for writing assessments; she will make more information available at the April state meeting.

Mica Slaven thanks Angelina Levandowski for the nomination and says she would accept a nomination to serve in the future but believes it is unnecessary to spend time voting when someone has already accepted a nomination to serve as President Elect. Ray Carlisle makes the motion to elect Wallace Bearchum as President Elect by acclimation. Rene Dubay seconds.

Wallace Bearchum introduces himself as an ETS coordinator from Lame Deer and a Northern Cheyenne tribal member and makes a statement of looking forward to serving as President Elect.

Michelle Watson thanks everyone for her new role as Secretary/Treasurer and thanks everyone in Billings for their support and mentorship.

Charlene Herron of Membership committee reports there are currently 145 ASPIRE workers in Montana and 77 ASPIRE members, which puts us at 53% membership. She proposes that we adopt two of the regional membership guidelines: 1) that the past president becomes the Membership committee co-chair (BKP agrees) and that we combine the Membership and Development committees.

Dan Benge of the Meeting Planning committee collects the yellow surveys and asks that those who have not completed a survey to mail theirs to him as soon as possible. He offers thanks to Robbie Sullivan (not present) for standardizing the nomination process for TRiO Achievers; the nomination forms and criteria sheets are disseminated.

Dan and BKP review the cost of the April state meeting last as $90 per participant up to 3 participants per program and additional program workers at cost. Dan asks if members prefer a flat rate of $75 per participant and after some discussion it is decided that spring meeting registration will remain the same as last year.

Dan previews the tentative agenda for discussion; the tentative dates are Tue-Wed April 5th and 6th 2005. The location selected is Jorgenson’s, because Jorgenson’s is a popular spot for the legislators to go. Alan Thompson will try to get the same band to play for the Legislator’s hour as in 2003.

Dan announces the committee is pursuing Tom Mortenson of the Pell Institute as guest speaker for the April state meeting. He will speak for free but MT Chapter of ASPIRE would need to meet his travel costs. Rene may be able to assist with this. The intent is to have Tom speak in the morning for MT Chapter of ASPIRE and once more in the afternoon at a more public venue, such as Helena College Of Technology (HCOT) and invite educators and P-20 stakeholders.  In this light, Dan proposes the theme of the conference to be Access to Higher Education.

Current needs for the conference are: assistance for Michelle Watson with registration, a coordinator for the TRiO Achiever’s luncheon, and a workshop session coordinator. Amy Verlanic remarks that Jorgenson’s gives a kickback on the number of rooms rented, so for attendees to consider staying there as a contribution to MT Chapter of ASPIRE.

Linda Ornowski of the Development committee reports that a new way to reach regional Fair Share id called Project Membership. The hope is that this will satisfy the requirements to qualify as a project expense, such as COE membership.

Ray Carlisle, chair of the Governmental Relations committee, announces that he is coming up on his three year chair  term. They would like a new chair to come forward in the next year. The committee is producing a new MT TRiO fact book and the work on that will begin in January. They have received a one-time COE initiative grant to fund the new fact book.

Angelina Levandowski, Co-Chair of the Indian Advocacy committee reads the vision statement written by the committee this year. One of the goals of the committee is to promote awareness of native American/Indian student perspectives and needs, and to ensure that there are training opportunities for those working with Native students at all conferences. None were offered this year at regional ASPIRE.

BKP urges ASPIRE members to work with the SAF on College Goal Sunday (contact Garth Ferro: (406) 444-6597).

Amy Verlanic announces that there are two suitable locations in Missoula for the 2006 regional ASPIRE meeting and requests feedback for the idea of hosting it there.

BKP gives the treasurer’s report. We spent $1100 more than we had come in, due in part to the $750 we voted to contribute the Estelle Hill’s travel. MT Chapter of ASPIRE currently has $2880.52 in the budget, which puts us close the year-end target budget of $3000.

Proposed By-Laws change to electing officers in the spring instead of the fall.  Bud Sathers moves. Second by AM.

BKP thanks all for the marvelous opportunity to be State President and says he learned very much and it was an honor. He looks forward to continuing this work in the committees. Dan Benge presents BKP with a plaque of recognition.

Dan remarks he is looking forward to doing the hard work ahead.

Arleen Adams will be leaving TRiO in a year when she finishes with the SKC training grant.

Rob Rust moves to adjourn. BKP seconds. The meeting is concluded.

Respectfully submitted, Mica Slaven-Lamothe  –  MTS

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