Report from ASPIRE-MT Membership Committee

Last spring at our state meeting in Helena, which engendered much forward progress in our contacts with Montana legislators, membership committee chair Ruth Ann Shope stepped down and Charlene Herron, at Flathead Valley Community College/SSS, took over the leadership of a supportive committee.

the committee discussed, at that time, the need to inform and encourage Montana TRiO staffers of the importance of their membership commitment to the success of TRiO programs.  We discussed the possibility of giving members a symbol of their commitment in the form of an ASPIRE pin.  The committee felt it was the responsibilities of project directors to promote as well more contact about membership probably in the form of a new member packet.  The committee felt very strongly that commitment to ASPIRE membership was a sign of professionalism to our students.

This September, reminder postcards were sent to people who were not listed in the ASPIRE Directory as current members.  Some of these folks may have been waiting for conference to join but we hope the gentle reminder about togetherness was appreciated.

At the October conference in Rapid City the committee met again to discuss ways to accomplish theses former goals within our limited budget, to explore having a newcomer meeting at state conference, and to investigate increasing and expanding student membership and participation.


The state membership budget line was increased for this year.  You have information on where ASPIRE pins can be purchased, please contact Charlene Herron at 406.756.3888  See you all in the spring.




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