spotlight_kendraKendra is a recent graduate from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Kendra participated in TRiO/Student Success Services all four years of college. She graduated from high school in Colorado and loves living in Wyoming. Her first visit to the UW campus was for orientation, and she says of the experience, Despite it having snowed days before, it was gorgeous! One of Kendra’s favorite activities is fishing. A memorable class project was marketing a fly fishing excursion for a sales class. Kendra will soon put her marketing and sales skills to good use as she begins work for Wells Fargo Bank. For those of us who have worked with her in TRiO/Student Success Services, Kendra embodies everything we love about our students. She worked for two years as a peer mentor to other SSS students and also worked part-time for the program this year as tutor coordinator. Kendra’s enthusiasm, work ethic, and potential are what education is all about.