Committees & Meeting Minutes

Committees and Responsibilities:

2016 Utah TRIO Fact Book

Compile and print highlighted facts about each Utah TRIO program including outcomes, student stories illustrating the impact of the programs, and statewide statistics on funding. The Fact Book is to be completed in time to give to Utah congressional delegation during Policy in March.

Scholarship Committee:

Responsible to distribute scholarship application and qualifications materials and for selecting scholarship recipients.

Government Relations:

Responsible for tracking progress and disseminating information regarding federal and state legislation relevant to TRIO and for developing and coordinating responses to issues.

Membership & Fair Share:

Responsible for promoting membership and participation in ASPIRE, Inc. and ASPIRE Utah; and assuring that Utah programs achieve the fair share objectives for ASPIRE, Inc. and COE.

UT ASPIRE Conference Chair:

Under the direction of the Board, the Conference Committee plans, implements, and evaluates the ASPIRE Utah Annual Conference. The Conference Committee Chair will oversee the state conference and utilize subcommittees to organize and carry out the conference.

TRIO Achiever Committee:

Responsible for identifying and coordinating TRIO Achievers to be recognized by ASPIRE Utah, ASPIRE, Inc., and/or COE.

Professional Development:

Responsible for planning professional development activities which may include conferences, workshops, consultations, peer review, mentoring, etc., for the benefit of the members.

Alumni Committee:

Promotes the organization of Alumni Society in Utah ASPIRE and coordinates with the Region ASPIRE and COE Alumni Society Chapters.

Utah TRIO Day Committee:

Responsible for developing and coordinating TRIO Day activities in the State of Utah.

Student Leadership Conference:

Responsible for planning and implementing conferences and workshops for participants in TRIO programs.

ASPIRE STATE Meeting Minutes:

State meeting minutes are recorded by the state Secretary and uploaded afterwards.

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