Rebecca Anvik
Lake Region State College

Before Rebecca Stallman enrolled at Lake Region State College in 2005, she worked in a factory. There she met a young man who was deaf, and the two developed an affection for one another. Rebecca decided to enroll at Lake Region to pursue an Associate in Applied Science degree in American Sign Language and Interpreting Studies, so she could communicate better with her friend Doug. In the course of her college career, Rebecca was named to the Dean’s List three times. In September 2006, Rebecca and Doug were married, and she became Rebecca Anvik. In May 2007, Rebecca graduated from LRSC with her AAS degree.

Since then, Rebecca and her husband have become the proud and busy parents of two children, a boy and a girl. The family currently resides in Michigan, ND. This fall, Rebecca returned to LRSC to work as an interpreter for two deaf students enrolled at the college. According to ASL and Interpreting Studies Director, Eileen Gray, Rebecca has excellent ASL skills and has a future in Interpreting.

Rebecca Anvik’s story is truly a success story. She is a role model to students who are also “motivated by goals that have great meaning, by dreams that need completion.” Her career is just beginning, but on May 7, 2009, the TRIO-SSS staff of Lake Region State College presented Rebecca with a 2009 TRIO Achiever Award “in recognition of outstanding academic and professional achievement by a TRIO-SSS graduate.” Rebecca is currently employed as an interpreter at the North Dakota School of the Deaf.

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