Elections Committee

  • Responsible for educating, encouraging, and securing the nominations for the offices of CCA and for the election process.


Media Committee

  • Responsible for publishing the TRIO Fact Book that will be used to promote Colorado’s TRIO programs. This publication will be provided to legislators at the national and state levels.
  • Other duties include maintaining website and to create state media packet.


Alumni Committee

  • Coordinates statewide efforts to encourage participation of TRIO alumni in COE, ASPIRE, and CCA activities.


Achievers Committee

  • Identify and select TRIO Achievers for the Colorado Chapter of ASPIRE State Conference.


Membership and Development Committee

Responsible for outreach efforts to new TRIO programs and other TRIO staff who are not members of CCA and coordinating fund raising efforts. Some of the specific responsibilities include:

  • Distribution of membership materials to new TRIO personnel and others who are not members of ASPIRE.
  • Coordinate CCA’s involvement in COE and ASPIRE fund raising campaigns such as Fair Share and Project Membership.
  • Maintain a complete roster of Colorado TRIO programs and staff.


State Initiatives Committee

  • Establish procedures for conducting TRIO advocacy at the state level.
  • Develop relationships with the state legislature, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and other state organizations that support increased access to higher education.
  • Coordinate efforts to encourage state legislators to attend TRIO Day activities.


Governmental Relations Committee

  • Lead efforts to mobilize membership in support of COE Alerts.
  • Organize CCA participation in the COE Policy Conference.
  • Coordinate ongoing efforts to gain the support of members of congress for TRIO Programs and issues favorable to TRIO.