The Colorado Chapter of ASPIRE [Association of Special Programs in Region Eight] is part of the regional ASPIRE, Inc., organization that provides professional development and advocacy for the Federal TRIO Programs funded through the U.S. Department of Education.


The Colorado Chapter of ASPIRE Constitution serves as a framework for our organization to effectively conduct business.

TRIO Fact Book

The TRIO Fact Books are integral to promote Colorado’s TRIO programs (2023 Colorado TRIO Fact Book). This media publication is updated and provided every year to legislators at the national and state levels. The Fact Book provides visibility for the Colorado TRIO Programs by highlighting TRIO Achievers and program data including the number of programs, students served, and funding in each congressional district. The 2022 Fact Book can be found here for last year’s highlights and stories!


The Colorado Chapter of ASPIRE Flyer will give you information on each of the Federal TRIO Programs and a snapshot of the students served in Colorado.