ND Legislative Update for February 16, 2017

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HB 1265 Relating to the number of nonresident students admitted to institutions under the control of the state board of higher education under a reciprocity agreement; and to provide an effective date. FAILED IN HOUSE
 HB 1353 This bill calls for the Legislature to  study the feasibility of  creating a senior year tuition waiver program for North Dakota students attending North Dakota university system institutions.   If passed,  the study would be assigned to an Interim Study Committee during the 2017-18 Interim. FAILED IN HOUSE
HB 1382 As introduced this bill called for the establishment of an education savings account, in other words a voucher program for K-12 education. The House changed it into an interim study of the feasibility and desirability of developing a school choice program.  It will now go to the Senate for its consideration. PASSED HOUSE, GOES TO SENATE
SB 2243 This is the teacher loan forgiveness bill. The bill moved to the Senate Appropriations Committee for a hearing earlier this week. The program, which aims to fill teaching positions in remote or hard-to-fill areas, would pay back up to $25,000 of student loans over three years. In Senate Appropriations
 SB 2036 Relating to matching grants for the advancement of academics at higher education institutions under the control of the state board of higher education; and to provide an appropriation.  (This bill would award 1 dollar of state funding for every 2 dollars raised by institutional foundations at each NDUS institution.  The funds must be used for the “advancement of academics”.  Senate Appropriations reduced the total amounts that could be distributed to  both UND and NDSU, from $7 Million to $750,000 and from $1 Million down to $275,000 for each of the  other nine NDUS institutions.  It also removed the language that would have set aside a certain amount of the grant funds received by UND and NDSU for student scholarships. Sent to full Senate for a vote
  SB 2272 This bill would insure that monies from the Foundation Aid Stabilization Fund could only be used for K-12 education. Sent to full Senate for a vote
SB 2144


This bill requests $1.5 Million for workforce development grants at tribally controlled community colleges. PASSED Senate, goes to House
SB 2063 Higher Education funding bill.  (The current version of the budget keeps the total appropriation for the ND State Grant the same as it was during the previous biennium.   This could mean that current students will continue to receive it, with some new grants available because some current students transfer or graduate.  Unfortunately, with no increase in individual grants, proposed 3% per year In Senate Appropriations


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