ND Legislative Update for January 30th, 2017

To find out who your ND State House and Senate members are and how to contact them, here is the link:


Bill Description Actions
HB 1265 Relating to the number of nonresident students admitted to institutions under the control of the state board of higher education under a reciprocity agreement; and to provide an effective date.  In House Education
HB 1353 This bill calls for the Legislature to  study the feasibility of  creating a senior year tuition waiver program for North Dakota students attending North Dakota university system institutions.   If passed,  the study would be assigned to an Interim Study Committee during the 2017-18 Interim.  Do pass by House Education
HB 1382 Relating to the establishment of an education savings account.  (This bill would create a voucher program for K-12 education.)  In House Education
SB 2036 Relating to matching grants for the advancement of academics at higher education institutions under the control of the state board of higher education; and to provide an appropriation.  (This bill would award 1 dollar of state funding for every 2 dollars raised by institutional foundations at each NDUS institution.  The funds must be used for the “advancement of academics”.  At UND and NDSU, the first $2 million dollars in matching grants must be used for student scholarships. )  In Senate Appropriations
SB 2272
 This bill would insure that monies from the Foundation Aid Stabilization Fund could only be used for K-12 education.  In Senate Education
SB 2144
 Relating to workforce development grants for tribally controlled community colleges; and to provide an appropriation.  This bill requests a 1.5 million dollar appropriation


 In Senate Appropriations
SB 2063
Higher Education funding bill.  (This bill contains cuts to our only need-based grant program, the North Dakota State Grant.   It could be difficult for students to manage the loss of this $1950 grant, particularly if accompanied by a tuition increase!) 
Failed to pass on second reading in Senate.  Work will continue in committee.


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