Legislative Update for April 14th, 2013


Education Related Bills

HB 1013 Funding   bill for the Dept. of Public Instruction, contains $500,000 appropriation for   joint effort of DPI/NDUS implementation of Common Core State Standards and   Assessments, companion bill 1013 reduced salary increase from 3%-5% range to   2%-4% range  Passed   by House, now in Senate Appropriations gave a do pass, 4/12/13
HB 1289 A   BILL for an Act to provide an appropriation of $400,000 so the department of   veterans’ affairs to establish a veterans’ higher education assistance   program.   Amended,   passed House, amended and passed Senate, sent to House to concur or not
HB 1228 Bill   to create STEM network in Dept. of Career and Technical Education to promote   best practices in STEM teaching, House reduced from $800,000 to $160,000 and   gave STEM network authority to accept outside grants Passed   and signed by Governor 4/11
HB 1422  Bill to make childcare more available, and allocates   $2.6 Million for childcare stabilization fund in the Dept. of Human Services, Passed   with amendments in House, now in Senate Appropriations 
SB 2200 A   bill to change the way NDUS institutions are funded to a performance-based   model based on the number of credit hours students complete, proposed House   Appropriations amendments would reduce funding, and assign performance   funding model to an interim study committee  In   House Appropriations 
SB 2218  Workforce development grants to Tribal   Colleges through ND Dept. of Commerce; reduced by Senate and House to$3   Million and allowed uses also reduced Passed   Senate, House to vote on House amendments 4/16 


SB 2032 Bill   to change performance and accountability measures that NDUS includes in its   annual report, new measures focus almost exclusively on retention and graduation   rates, number of degrees granted/yr. for both in-state and out-of-state   students; House Education added that retention and graduation statistics be   included for Pell-eligible students Passed   Senate, amended by House, Senate did not concur, now in a conference   committee (Flakoll, Poolman, Heckaman, Rohr, Kopplemen, and Mock)

Other   Bills of Interest


 HB 1332 



 HB 1332 deals with voter eligibility,   including possession of certain forms of ID;  laws like these are designed to prevent   voter fraud which is very rare in ND, but can discourage  college students and disadvantaged   populations from voting Passed   both houses, sent to Governor


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