ND ASPIRE Legislative Action Alert: SB 2032

Recently, the ND House passed an amended version of Sentate Bill 2032 pertaining to new student performance and accountability measures that must be reported on by the North Dakota University System in its annual performance and accountability measures report to the Legislature.  In addition, to reporting on retention and graduation rates for all students, the House added language requiring that the NDUS also report retention and graduations for Pell eligible students, such that comparisons could be made between the Pell eligible and non-Pell eligible student populations.

Access  to this data could provide a better basis for making decisions about how to help more of our low-income students succeed. It could also give our programs access to higher quality data for our grants. However, this is not a done deal.  Now SB 2032 is on the ND Senate calendar, and the Senate may vote  as early as tomorrow, 4/4 on whether or not to accept the amended version of the bill.  If the Senate does not concur with the amendments, then SB 2032 will go to a conference committee composed of some House and Senate members to iron out the details.

Here is the link to the current version of SB 2032: http://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/63-2013/documents/13-0193-05000.pdf?20130403213418  You will find the Pell language on page 2.  Hearing from their constituents could make a difference in the Senate, especially since this is not a very high profile bill in comparison to other bills introduced during this session.  Simple e-mails from educators asking senators to support SB 2032 as amended by the House because it could bring more attention to the task of helping more Pell eligible or low-income students succeed in college would carry some weight.  The following link will take you to the Senate website which lists the ND Senate e-mail addresses: http://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/63-2013/members/senate


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