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ASPIRE election nominations

ASPIRE Elections

The following positions will be up for election this year on the ASPIRE Board:

President-Elect and Treasurer

The descriptions of each board position can be found below this form.

ASPIRE Election Nomination

Please complete this form to nominate someone for the ASPIRE Board. The nominee must be a current ASPIRE member.


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Please complete the form by September 29th, 2023

Position Descriptions from ASPIRE Operating Guidelines:

2.3.         President-Elect

 2.3.1. Authority

The President-Elect shall:

  • Serve with the same powers as the President in the absence of the President;
  • Assume the Presidency for the remainder of the Presidential term in the event of the resignation or incapacitation of the President;
  • Succeed to the office of President the year following his/her election as President-Elect
  • Assist the President as needed.

 2.3.2. Responsibilities

The President-Elect shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Represent ASPIRE on the COE Board of Directors;
  • Responsible for creating Strategic Plan;
  • Chair the ALI Committee;
  • Serve on ASPIRE committees as appropriate;
  • At the request of ASPIRE President, represent ASPIRE at State Association meetings.
  • Assist the President to prepare an Annual Report of ASPIRE for presentation to membership at the Annual Meeting;
  • Convene a meeting of Presidents’ Legacy Council, consisting of ASPIRE Past Presidents at the Annual Conference.
  • Select and present an award or gift of appreciation to the outgoing President at Annual Banquet;
  • Select, in advance, committee chairpersons to serve during his/her term of office;
  • Secure the conference site and dates to be held during their Past-President year (refer to conference handbook for details regarding contracts and other details);
  • Facilitate the passing down of committee materials when a new chair takes over a committee. The materials should include a committee description, current Bylaws and Operating Guidelines, copies of forms, information and advice from the outgoing committee chair;
  • Prepare a Board Manual (Operating Guidelines, Section 2.1.6, Board of Directors, Board Manual) for new Board members;

Attend Policy Seminar

2.6 Treasurer 

2.6.1. Authority 

The Treasurer, with the assistance of ASPIRE bookkeeper, shall be responsible for the receipt and expenditure of all funds in accordance with such policies as are established by the Bylaws, Operating Guidelines, and the Board. 

2.6.2. Responsibility  

The Treasurer, with the assistance of ASPIRE Bookkeeper, shall have the following duties and responsibilities: 

  • Maintain appropriate and adequate financial records and be prepared at any time to surrender such records and sums of money to the Board within thirty (30) days of formal notice; 
  • Transfer savings and checking account signature authority to new Board officers within one month of elections; 
  • Obtain credit cards as specified in Operating Guidelines, Section 6.4 (Finance and Budget Policy, Credit Cards). 
  • Records all incoming sums of money including conference registration fees, donations, membership fees, etc., as well as any State Association money held by ASPIRE, Inc.; 
  • Open and oversee savings, checking, certificate of deposit, and credit card accounts; 
  • Send appropriate payment requests to the President for checks to be issued from ASPIRE; 
  • Develop and/or maintain an accurate accounting system for all ASPIRE assets and liabilities; 
  • Arrange for yearly bonding as described in the Operating Guidelines, Section 6.3 (Finance and Budget Policy, Insurance/Bonding)
  • Records will be made available to the succeeding Treasurer at the conclusion of the winter board meeting and will be transferred to the succeeding Treasurer when no longer needed for audit purposes by the outgoing Treasurer. 
  • Collaborate with Membership Chair to maintain up-to-date records concerning membership status; 
  • Develop registration procedures and coordinate with Conference Registration Subcommittee Chair regarding receipt of money; 
  • Co-Chair the Finance Committee; 
  • Prepare and submit quarterly reports to Finance Committee and Board including a narrative of activities, regional account balances, state account balances, the status of the audit, and copies of account statements; 
  • Prepare and submit an Annual Report to membership; 
  • In conjunction with the Registered Agent, complete and submit annual incorporation fees and paperwork as may be required by the State of North Dakota; 
  • In conjunction with ASPIRE’s accounting firm, complete and submit such forms (i.e. IRS form 990-Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) as are required by the IRS for 501(c)(3) organizations; 
  • Develop appropriate expense request and reimbursement forms and procedures; 
  • Prepare and submit invoices for all outstanding bills and accounts receivable; these invoices shall be maintained and billed monthly until all are paid in full; 
  • Maintain appropriate and adequate financial records for the immediate past Annual Conference; 
  • Prepare a final accounting for the Fiscal Year ending December 31; 
  • Ensure an audit is conducted as specified in the Operating Guidelines, Section 6.2 (Finance and Budget Policy, Audit/Compilation); 
  • Submit items required for the audit as requested by the auditor and the ASPIRE accounting firm; 
  • Coordinate electronic reservation system for the annual conference
  • Prior to the January Board meeting, provide transition training to the new Treasurer as outlined in the Treasurer’s manual
  • Maintain and update Treasurer’s manual as needed; Approval of Finance Committee or Board